Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Foundation (Mark Levin) to ethics panel: Investigate Rep. Conyers

The Detroit Free Press (They haven't been on guard for some time) must have had a tough time publishing this one.

Foundation to ethics panel: Investigate Rep. Conyers

Samuel Riddle, a former aide to Monica Conyers – who resigned from Detroit City Council two weeks ago after pleading guilty to accepting a bribe in an unrelated matter, told the Free Press for a story published June 29 that Monica Conyers arranged for him to get a $20,000 consulting contract with Papas, then demanded $10,000 of that as a “finder’s fee.” Some time after that, Riddle said, John Conyers’ office drafted a letter to the EPA in support of transferring permits for the waste wells to Papas’ business.


The Landmark Legal Foundation argued, however, that if John Conyers attempted to use his position to influence the EPA on Papas’ behalf, it may have constituted a breach of ethics rules. The organization also said if Monica Conyers received $10,000, it should have been disclosed on the congressman’s financial disclosures, which require a member of Congress to reveal any source of outside earned income above $1,000.

John Conyers is slowly creeping to the surface.

Spousal privledge? Representative Conyers in hot seat over his wife's actions

Will that be John Conyer's defense?

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