Saturday, July 18, 2009

Governor Palin: Take Note on Latvia's Position on Afghanistan Because Obama Won't

Latvian Lawmakers Rejects Withdrawal From Afghanistan Operations

RIGA, Latvia (AFP)--Latvian lawmakers Thursday overwhelmingly rejected an opposition attempt to force the government to pull the Baltic state's troops out of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization's Afghanistan mission.

Sixty-two members of the 100-seat parliament voted against a bill from the left-wing Harmony Centre movement, which demanded that Latvia's 160-strong contingent be brought home by October.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to develop his weak approach to Russia and the missle defense system that would protect Eastern Europe from Russia's proxy state Iran.


Mark said...

Yeah! I bet those 160 Latvians really scare the Afghanis.

What is it coming to when little countries like Latvia send huge contingents ... or not.

No message can be taken from this. It is 160 men on a propaganda exercise to keep the US happy and piss off the Russians.

Tom said...

How many Russians are helping us in Afghanistan?