Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the World of Politics, Kim Chatman's Complaint is a Dud

All of the hoopla on Kim Chatman's complaint will be for naught. It's a dud in the world of politics.

The ADN has an article with a snazzy headline that reads:

Ethics investigator rules against Palin

But here is the meat and potatoes of the article.

The investigator, Thomas Daniel, sided with Palin in her frustration with having to defend herself against a barrage of ethics complaints. He suggested that Alaska lawmakers may need to create a law that reimburses public officials for legal expenses to defend complaints that end up being unfounded.

This whole issue is a joke and it is the left's attempt to find some victory when in fact it is not.

NORMAL people can see what is taking place and the fact that Palin was going public with the fund and sought legal counsel on it, shows how asinine that headline reads.

Regardless if the money has to be returned, it won't hurt Palin politically, but will in fact help her.

And last, was it because Palin became a political celebrity through her V.P. nomination that she is able to get the donations or is it because her role as a Governor?

The answer is obvious. Her role as Governor had nothing to do with her being able to get contributions, but it had everything to do with the filing of frivolous complaints.


Anonymous said...

Kim Chatman needs to get a life. She should also be made to pay for any lawsuits she files or joins in. Plus she should be made to apologize to Sarah Palin for harrassing her.

Anonymous said...

We need to start filing frivolous lawsuits against Kim Chatman, her family, and her employer if any. But fortunately for her, most conservatives have morals and can tell “right” from “wrong”. Kim’s is teaching her approach to politics of personal destruction can be used against any sitting governor in Alaska and her as well. What would happen to Kim if every part of her life was scrutinized and investigated. Investigated by people interested in finding anything that could be used against her (legally, politically, and socially).

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if Kim Chatman's employer knows she made numerous contacts with political personnel at her job? has that been looked into. I thought working for the federal government you could not politic at work? Am i wrong? Have they looked at her phone logs? Her emails? If anyone digs hard enough they will find where she lives and works. (PFD, DMV, etc)