Friday, July 17, 2009

Jesse Ventura the Quitter

When I saw the video of Ventura talking about Palin "quitting", I was reminded of Venture quitting the Reform Party and quitting wrestling.

Evidently the former actor who quit acting is forgetting G.I. Jane was just a movie and not real life.

There are legitimate reason for "quitting" or leaving something.

For Ventura, he quit the Reform Party because:

Gov. Jesse Ventura of Minnesota, the Reform Party's highest-ranking elected official, said yesterday that he was resigning from the party over his growing dissatisfaction with its fractured leadership.

Jesse "the quitter" Ventura quit the Reform Party because he didn't like the leadership.

Jesse "the quitter" Ventura blamed the media when he didn't seek a second term and quit politics altogether.

How many ethics complaints did Jesse "the quitter" Ventura have when he was an XFL announcer?

To quote the article:

The governor's comments came a day after Attorney General Mike Hatch issued an opinion determining that Ventura is covered under a state code of ethics regarding outside income. Hatch said it was not within his authority to determine whether Ventura's job as a football analyst is a violation.


Ventura told the students he wasn't using his office for outside gain, and he said he will quit his stint as an analyst if it interferes with his job as governor.

The ethics code provides certain restrictions on accepting jobs or contracts that could affect the independent judgment of an employee of the state executive branch. Julien Carter, a Department of Employee Relations commissioner, who is in charge of enforcing the ethics code, said last week that the broadcasting job didn't appear to pose an immediate conflict.


Not one damn ethics violation was taken out against the has-been quitter.

And for the record, he blamed the media when the XFL when belly up.

Sound like Navy Seal material?

Moreover, Jesse Ventura on terrorism and freedoms:

On water boarding:

Jesse Ventura quit wrestling, quit acting, quit the Reform Party, quit politics and quit living in the U.S. and now lives in Mexico.

There is one thing he hasn't quit though and that is making an ass of himself.


Bungalow Bill said...

Of all the people, based on the interviews I have seen with Alex Jones, where Ventura has been open and candid, he is the last person in the world that should be saying anything negative about Palin. Ventura just didn't quit, he ran!

Anonymous said...

Nice try but Jesse fulfilled his obligation to the state of Minnesota. He completed his four year committment. He didn't quit because there was too much heat in the kitchen like Sarah Palin did. Jesse faced just as much if not more abuse from the media and he completed his term. Now the republicans are positioning Palin as a front runner in 2012. She will never get my vote because she is a quitter.

Most of these republicans are chicken hawks. They never served their country but they are for a war. Like Dick Cheney, he received 5 deferments from the military and ends up a secretary of defense. What a joke!

Jesse Ventura is the only person who can change this country for the better. George Bush destroyed this economy and Obama is making it worse and it will continue to get worse with politicians who only care about party power and not the people. Your elected politicans in Washington aren't feeling any bit of this recession.

Sarah Palin is a joke, its hilarious how the republicans kiss her butt.

She would never make it as a SEAL. But then again, no republican knows what that is like!

Anonymous said...


Put up this poll:

2010 Alaska Governor's Race

Palin 56%
Berkowitz 36%

Parnell 41%
Berkowitz 40%


Palin 56/35 [+21]

Tom said...

ANON at 8:18,

If you take note in the one video, Venture said he would leave the country. He now resides in California Baja, Mexico.

So he quit living here. A whiner.

Next if he had been Alaska, he would have quit either the XFL gig or being Governor.

But it can be said his interest in being Governor became questionable when he became interested in the XFL.

As I said before, he was never under the legal hit squad that Palin was under.

So Ventura is nothing more than a quitter when he loses interest.

Anonymous said...

Ventura completed his term, Palin didn't....

Palin is a quitter.

Jesse still lives in Minnesota half the year, he goes to the Baja in the winter to avoid the Minnesota cold.

Ventura only worked for the XFL on Saturday nights when otherwise he would be at home watching TV. The XFL job did not interfere with the governorship and his contract stated that if anything came up that was urgent the state of Minnesota takes first priority.

And what do most politicians do on Saturday nights....they are attending fund raisers to get money to get re-elected. I guess if Jesse was doing that everything would be fine because that is the status quo!!!

Anonymous said...

I'd kiss Sarah Palin's butt, but I wouldn't vote for her.

I'm hoping Jesse Ventura does run for President as an Independent. He's on board with Dr. Ron Paul who stands on principle. Agree with his policies or not, he has principles, a rare trait in a politician.

Anybody that wants to abolish the Federal Reserve and repeal the Patriot Act has my attention. Also, Wall Street should have no say in our government. Kicking Wall Street and other special interest lobbyists out of Washington is long, long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said..

"She would never make it as a SEAL. But then again, no republican knows what that is like!"

Nor would Jesse “the fraud” Ventura.

Ventura was NEVER a Navy SEAL.

After the above story broke, Jesse “the fraud” Ventura confessed that he NEVER was a SEAL.

I personally question his UDT Quals as well. If he worked with explosives he should know that a hydrocarbon like jet fuel mixed with LOX (Liquid Oxygen) like that in airliners, when mixed either or both explode and burn incredibly HOT!
The LAWS of physics don’t lie!

Jesse “the fraud” Ventura does.

Anonymous said...

..PS. Stop being a gullible idiot.

Governor Ventura's office

confirmed that Ventura was never a member of the elite Navy SEALs,

but he says he did train to be a SEAL,

and that his membership in the Navy's Underwater Demolition Teams was practically the same as being a SEAL.


But a former SEAL and journalist in San Diego says the UDT's were not the same as SEALs
during Vietnam, and he says Ventura is taking credit for the valor of others.

A former Navy SEAL Commander asks:
Was Jesse a SEAL or a UDT Guy?
by Bill Salisbury
San Diego Reader
December 2, 1999
Shortly after the 1998 gubernatorial elections……..

YuvbinDuped said...

Who is the dimwit that posted this crap?
Ventura was a Navy Seal and I have never heard him refute that.
One idiot stated that Jet fuel burns incredibly hot. 650 IS NOT incredibly hot! Jet fuel is "high flashpoint" fuel. The only time it burns hotter is when controlled such as a jet engine.

The laws of physics he says. The laws of physics never underwent so dramatic a change as on 9-11 2001. Buildings falling through themselves as if in a vacuum at near freefall speeds. What kind of idiot could watch those three buildings come down and believe the fabrications the government came up with to cover for their Bankster pals?

The government story changed repeatedly. Remember how they said the plane "liquified?" Then they changed that one.

Ventura has balls and asks hard questions that have NEVER been addressed. Any moron that has read the bogus 9-11 Commission Report knows something just isn't right.

Not only were the laws of physics violated on 9-11 but so were all Federal Rules of Evidence which were tossed out the door in favor of the Bin Laden tripe.

Jesse, you are right to question these criminals that have commandeered our nation through the monetary system.

9-11 WAS an INSIDE JOB!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is fucking ridiculous. He quit wrestling? Acting? Does that matter? NO! He quit the Reform party? Things change...the party went to crap and no longer supported his views because it is just made up of infighting now and he is a Libertarian. He didn't quit politics...his term ran up because he DIDN'T quit and he didn't run for another term. He lives in Mexico for one part of the year and in Minnesota for the rest of the year.

Sarah Paln quit in the middle of a term which is completely different. Ventura ended his term and didn't run again because he believes in term limits. Palin can't even finish one term. She is the epitomie of a quitter. Ventura is not.

The author of this blog is completely out of touch with the issue at hand and is making an ass of himself.

Tom said...

Anon 9:17 he went to live in Mexico because he can't take Minnesota and the U.S.

He is off the grid because he quit.

Face it, he is a has been who has quit when thnigs didn't go his way.

As Palin put it, some stay in office to collect a pay check as a lame duck Governor and that is precisely what Ventura did, but with the added bonus of collecting a paycheck, from the XFL.

He accomplished very little in his four year lame duck term.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? HE LIVES IN MINNESOTA HALF OF THE YEAR!!! Palin failed to serve out her term while he didn't. You cannot call him a quitter - that is ridiculous. Your argument strongly reminds me of when Dick Cheney takes torture and renames it "Enhanced interrogation". It's a different word for the same thing. You either can't get past the fact that she quit and he called her out on it, or you just don't understand the situation. I'm not sure which one but it's clear that it is one of the two.