Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Note To Romney: Palin Would Win in Michigan

Since the fallout on Sanford, there has been a big push of late on Romney being the front runner in 2012.

Here is one analysis on the thought that Romney would win in Michigan.

Since Mitt is the son of former Michigan Governor George Romney he can carry the state in the primaries and make Michigan competitive in a general election.

Wrong, not if the nuns have a say in Macomb County.

The turn-out for Palin in Macomb County was huge and it is a rare event to see a group of nuns show up for a political event. The writer continues.

Romney has an impressive personal fortune and has been willing to dip into in the past to keep his campaign going. In 2008 Romney pitched in 35 million dollars of his own money and was bale to raise some 65 million more. This tells us that he has the money and the support to make another strong run at the GOP nomination.

Doesn't mean much when you run against Palin. She has beat big money candidates..

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Bungalow Bill said...

I have no doubt Michigan will be looking for real change after Obama and the Democrats screw up the auto industry with the nationalizaion which appears to be keeping Americans off Chevrolet and Dodge dealer lots.