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An Open Letter To the United States Senate Judiciary Committee: President Obama nominating Karen Loeffler

July 12, 2009
Subject: Moral and Legal Contradictions To Pres. Obama Nomination Of Karen Loeffler As US Attorney For Alaska

Robin Boerner
PO Box *****
Eagle River, Alaska 99577

To: The Honorable Members United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary
United States Senate
Minority Committee on the Judiciary
224 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

An Open Letter To the United States Senate Judiciary Committee:

Dear Senator Jeff Sessions
Senator Orrin G. Hatch
Senator Charles E. Grassley
Senator Jon Kyl
Senator Lyndsey Graham
Senator John Cornyn
Senator Tom Coburn

I am writing to you today in response to President Obama nominating Karen Loeffler to be the US Attorney for Alaska. I believe that Ms. Loeffler does not have the moral integrity to be the US Attorney and I will lay out my reasons hopefully in a concise and brief manner.

My fiance’ John R. Mitchell is a 100% service connected disabled veteran. He went back to work as a civilian to help with this war at Ft Richardson Alaska in the Command Center. Mr. Mitchell was subject to extreme violations of his civil rights. He wrote his entire chain of com mand, his Alaska Congressional and Senate Representatives and even the US Attorney at the time Timothy Burgess who is now a federal judge in Alaska.

Mr. Burgess had an AUS Richard Pomeroy send back the computer disk of evidence with a note that the US Attorney was not interested. Eventually Mr. Mitchell hired Atty. Joseph Josephson who tried to work out a solution to John’s problems with Col David Shutt. Col Shutt did an AR15-6 investigation partly in Mr. Josephson’s office. This investigation was 200 pages long and showed exonerating evidence for Mr. Mitchell. The Chief Federal Judge for Alaska John Sedwick allowed the Alaskan US Attorney’s office to use two pages from this investigation and refused to release the Col Shutt investigation to Mr. Mitchell or his attorney. I request that Ms. Loeffler under oath declare what other evidence her office is holding and refusing to release to Mr. Mitchell, myself and Mr. Josephson.

With our deepest appreciation Senator John McCain intervened and forced the US Army to release the entire 200 pages. It clearly showed that the US Attorney had su bmitted two fraudulent statements into Judge Sedwick’s court. A letter signed by one Wanita Pressley as EEO manager and one by Mae Marsh taken by US Attorney Richard Pomeroy. Wanita Pressley in fact did not hold that position and was admonished for writing the letter by Mae Marsh, the real EEO Manager at the time. The US attorney’s office had the entire 200 page AR15-6 and knew that the letter was in fact fraudulent. Karen Loeffler refuses to correct this issue with Judge Sedwick’s court and the case is now before the Ninth Circuit.

As I am sure you are aware of the US Attorney’s office in Alaska has been being investigated for this very same violation in the Sen. Ted Stevens case and the cases of Alaskan Representatives Pete Kott and Vic Korhing. I believe that since Ms. Loeffler was in fact one of the AUSA direct boss at the time, James Goeke and did not supervise him properly that this shows at the very least that Ms. Loeffler does not possess the managerial capability to run the Alaskan US Attorney’s office in a manner that would serve the best interests of Alaskans.

We just had a Patriot Act US Attorney Nelson Cohen who the Democrats objected to as being partisan yet Alaska’s newest Senator Mark Begich (D) has no qualms about asking President Obama nominating Ms. Loeffler who in an interview with the Anchorage Daily News on 2/27/09 ( bragged about being a Democrat “since the day I was born”. Do we really need another partisan US Attorney or one who will look out for ALL Alaskans rights?

Also, according to the same article, Karen Loeffler has been the chief of the criminal division. Under her were both James Goeke and Joseph Bottini, the two US Attorney now being investigated by Special Prosecutor Hank Schuelke appointed by the Ted Sevens Judge Sullivan. This is relevant to Mr. Mitchell and myself because in an effort to disrupt John’s civil Civil Rights lawsuit against the US Army we received emailed death threat, anonymous imposter's even rewrote a letter I sent this very committee and sent it claiming we were mentally ill and regret writing this committee. They stalked our house and eventual John and I were physically assaulted in the public store by one of the command center employees, Tony Erne. In regard to this AUSA Gary Guarino called Joe Josephson and said that the US Attorney (Nelson Cohen) was aware of the “incident” but not going to investigate it or take a stand on it. Assaulting a witness in a federal lawsuit, especially two DISBALED individuals, is a federal crime itself. Where was Ms. Loeffler , Criminal Chief AUSA at the time? Wasn’t it HER responsibility to protect us as disabled witnesses being assaulted?

I hand carried the threatening emails to Ms. Loeffler who turned them over to Agent Colton Seale in the Anchorage FBI. Ironically they stopped immediately so Ms. Loeffler must have found the perpetrator. To this day she refuses even under the Freedom of Information Act to release their names. Our attorney Joe Josephson then filed a state lawsuit against GCI, the carrier and John Doe 1 and John Doe 2. The lawyers for GCI promised to turn over the identities of the senders and even wrote AUS Richard Pomeroy asking for his assistance. The response was that the lawyers for GCI suddenly refused to cooperate. Did Karen Loeffler issue a Patriot Act order forbiddi ng GCI to cooperate?

I wrote Special Prosecutor Hank Schuelke and sent him proof of all of the above. He had an associate call me to verify what I sent was true. He later sent a nice letter stating that he has been restricted to only investigating the Senator Ted Stevens trial even though my claim is that the same US Attorney’s (and other behind closed doors) had also hidden exonerating evidence, submitted fraudulent evidence into Judge Sedwick’s court, and ignored a CRIMINAL Civil Rights violation in order to protect themselves in a CIVIL Civil Rights suit. I have enclosed 32 pages that I sent Special Prosecutor Schuelke and his letter back to me.

I am also enclosing a copy of the letter and state lawsuit with GCI that Attorney Joe Josephson sent to AUSA Richard Pomeroy. I will be send each of you a copy of this letter to your Washington D.C. office and the copies of the evidence itself to the Minority US Senate Judiciary Office fax (202-224-9102) since it is so bulky I don’t wish to flood your office fax machines.

I pray that the US Senate will vet and reconsider President Obama’s nomination of Karen Loeffler as US Attorney for Alaska. I fully believe that the evidence shows that as a career AUSA in Alaska for TWENTY years as per THE WHITEHOUSE Office of the Press Secretary release of July 10, 2009 that Ms. Loeffler has shown an inability to manage those under her, has ignored Civil Rights violations of disabled Alaskans including a 100% SERVICE CONNECTED DISABLED VETERAN, by her inaction since being appointed interim US Attorney to notify Judge Sedwick of either her predecessor or underling submitting fraudulent evidence into his court and correcting the record, that Karen Loeffler is unfit to be US Attorney for Alaska. I pray that the US Senate will reject this nomination for the good of Justice and the country as well as Alaska.

Lastly, I think the evidence I have faxed to the Minority Judiciary Office speaks volumes but I have more I am extremely willing to provide if requested. I have nothing to hide and I fully give my permission to share it with whoever you believe should have it.


Robin L. Boerner
907-***-**** home
907-***-**** cell

cc: Alaskan Congressional Delegation
Other Honorable US Senators
Other Interested Parties


Anonymous said...


Comment regarding your Bob Poe post:

Doesn't Berkowitz look pretty smart now for not commenting at all about Palin? He's coming off as the "moderate" one when compared to Poe. There really isn't any need to court the Mudflats crowd now that whoever is the Democrat won't be running against Palin.

Does Poe not realize that in order to win the election, he'll have to win over some people who personally admire Palin?

Tom said...

Poe won't win..

Mudflats is just trying to build up an image of being an influence in Alaska politics when they aren't.

Anonymous said...
Republican Candidates-A Warning from the Tea Party

The Tea Party has found out from a credible source that the republican "leadership" has told old and new candidates not to talk because they do not plan to cut government spending by 100 billion dollars as the promised. So this is a warning to each and every republican. We will watch your voting and maybe we will run a Tea Party candidate against you the next time around.

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