Friday, July 03, 2009

The Palin Plan: Attack the Enemy While they are Planning

There is the conventional wisdom found in both the art of war and politics; attack while the enemy is planning and that is precisely what Palin has done.

The left have been planning to throw more bogus claims at Palin so they could continue to diminish her credentials. But with today's announcement, the left is chattering about what is going on with her decision and what to do now.

Here in Alaska, bloggers like the idiot what's-her-name thinks that there maybe some federal investigation against Palin. Well what the idiot what's-her-name doesn't realize is that the bluff has been played, but it was Palin who played the hand.

The chattering left will be playing the guessing game on what Palin's next move will be.

It's pretty simple. The book. The 2010 midterm races and continued national exposure on her terms.

Now that she is no longer Governor, the dumbass ethics complaints will have stopped and the left bloggers like what's-her-name here in Alaska and the MSM will have nothing to blog, write or speak about other than what Palin chooses to talk about.

So what will they talk about? Palin 24/7? Hardly, it will be on Palin's time.

Today marks the day that the left have become irrelevant to Palin's aspirations. They have no control through state laws that were being abused by the very people that talk about how ethical one should be.

When Palin was first announced to the world, the left were scrambling to find pay dirt. Their efforts have failed. And today the same people on the left are being heard through the chatter and the left is in disarray,

To the chattering left like Paul Begala: FAIL, or Daily Kos: FAIL

Palin is a national figurehead and she has come to play it her way... The left will be trying to regroup and by the time the 2010 national elections have come and gone, the left will be living in a nightmare that they created.


Bungalow Bill said...

I don't know. I think she has positioned herself to more attacks.America needs a tough leader to stand up to all that is going on. Obama is weak, and Americans will soon know that. These attacks, as wrong as they are, would have shown America someone who is capable of leading. Now the liberals can easily make the she's a quitter argument. I can only imagine the 3 AM commercials now. When the going gets tough, does a America want a leader who will resign with the phone rings at 3 AM. It's a new can of worms.

Tbone said...

Bungalow Bill,
The 2012 election will about Obama and his record not the challenger. Palin didn't quit. She just decided she didn't want to be a lame duck when she decided not to run for reelection. Now she Parnell as Governor with a good chance of winning. Palin can now attack Obama on all of his bad policies.