Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Pimp Daddy of Racists: John Conyers Playing the NAACP Against Black Business Owners

First there was Barbara Boxer pimping the NAACP against black businessmen and women.

Now you have the pimp daddy of the racists, pitting the NAACP against RADIO ONE owner who happens to be black.

Now, Conyers, 80 and chairman since 2007 of the House Judiciary Committee, finds himself taking flak from Radio One -- one of the nation's largest minority-owned media firms -- even as performers, record companies and the NAACP support his bill.

Why does the NAACP come out with this resolution below?

The civil rights organization passed a resolution on behalf of Conyers and his Performance Rights Act legislation last week, saying the congressman "has been the subject of unscrupulous and unfounded attacks," including radio spots and comments mentioning his legislation in the same breath as his wife, former Detroit Councilwoman Monica Conyers, and her recent plea to a bribery charge. Prosecutors cleared him of any wrongdoing.

To cover the corrupt racists' butt.

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