Sunday, July 05, 2009

Russian Dominance: Will Obama be a Sell-Out on Georgia

Russia is telling Obama, no to Georgia and the Ukraine joining NATO.

Obama should be telling Medvedev (Putin's man on the street) that joining NATO is their (Georgia, Ukraine) decision, not Putin's.

Like I have been saying many times, Obama is a very weak leader. And a lousy horse trader.

Obama is facing tough negotiations, however. The Kremlin wants the US to scrap its missile defence shield in Europe and sees this priority project of the previous US administration as being directed against Russia. Washington argues that the shield is vital to protect America and Europe against any nuclear threat from Iran.

Just tell Putin that his villa in Sochi will take a hit on the financial market by threatening him with shutting down Sochi for the winter Olympics.

So much for the United States supporting a country's Independence. And at least one Brit has it right:

“Talk about resetting US-Russian relations is hype,” said a former British ambassador to Moscow.

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