Sunday, July 05, 2009

Shannyn Moore et al: Now it's Just a Rumor

Poor babies... The FBI shot their rumor down.

Here is the rub.

"We are not investigating her,” said FBI spokesman Eric Gonzalez. "Normally we don’t confirm or deny those kind of allegations out there but by not doing so it just casts her in a very bad light. There is just no truth to those rumors out there in the blogosphere.”

Calling it a rumor does not give one protection from a defamation suit when conspiring in "secrecy".

The Ya Ya sisterhood of What's-her-name and Shannyn Moore miss the mark.

What's-her-name at the Mudflats keep chattering, it makes for good reading material in case there is a lawsuit.

And to those lawyers that contacted you, bad advise, because when it comes time to being deposed, the FBI will be involved, because it IS a problem when false allegations of an FBI investigation are being made.

You see, when you state there is an investigation and there isn't an investigation, guess who has engaged in malice...

It was with the originator of the "rumor".

And don't forget, there are FBI agents who go rogue and tell the truth. Next will be rumors on an IRS investigation..

So don't get your hopes set too high, no FBI investigation, no "getting the goods" on Palin.

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