Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Super Dave From The Alaska Standard Forgets it the Type of Fruit not the Size of Fruit that Matters

For crying out loud, Super Dave at the Alaska Standard comes up with a tossed fruit salad, with fruit flies buzzing around his head.

The latest controversy stems from some day trading Mr. Ramras has done. It appears that he picked up about 3,000 shares of BP stock, which promptly tanked. The C4P’ers imply that Ramras is breaking some ethics law, (he isn’t), and working on legislation to kill AGIA (I wish), that will make him millions (good luck). Now in doing a little checking with the where the PFD has its funds invested in the stock market, I found something very interesting,( Namely, the 3000 or so shares that Ramras has is a speck of fly poop in the investment cosmos compared to the amount of stock the state has invested in Exxon. Go on, check it out. I’ll wait.

Don't tell me, the dimwit is trying to compare Ramras the individual who is a legislator that would directly benefit as opposed to all Alaskans who chose to sign to get the PFD check?

Dave don't quit your day job on this one, you stink at the lawyering stuff. Just ask Wally Hickel about owning stock in a company that he would had benefited from if a pipeline was built.

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