Friday, July 24, 2009

Washington Post Does Double Duty on Sarah Palin

When you have the Governor of Alaska getting her side of the story on Cap and Trade published in the Washington Post, you have to say okay, what's coming down that biased beltway (want proof on that just watch Morning Joe and listen to the WaPo writers) called The Washington Post.

That biased beltway, The Washington Post is doing double duty on Palin.

First their idiotic polling on opinions from their bull pen of poll takers.

Then there is Barbara Boxer and John Kerry trying to tag team Palin on the Cap and Trade.

Here you have two nitwit Senators and a beltway publication poll that try to take Palin down.

Not going to happen.

What the actions of the WaPo do show is that they know what we all know, and that is, Palin is a threat as time goes on.

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