Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Who in the Hell at TPMMuckraker comes Up With

this B.S.

Israel, through its lobby group AIPAC, is suspected of using its substantial congressional clout to try to lift the ban, by American Federal law, that prohibits the sale of American F22 (and F35) fighter/bomber aircraft to foreign governments.

A sale of these strike stealth bombers to the Israel Air Force would enable it to attack Gaza and Lebanon with even greater ferocity than previously and inflict huge losses when targeted at heavily populated, civilian areas.

It makes no sense that a Democratic Administration under the Presidency of a man who is so highly regarded throughout the world, would acquiesce to demands to supply a state - already the subject of war crime allegations - with increased means of inflicting death and destruction on civilian populations.

It's so Israel can use them in case Iran gets a little "testy" with their missiles.

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