Friday, August 07, 2009

Bye, Bye Monica Conyers...

How they voted: John Conyers spotted at the polls, Monica Conyers not seen

While Monica Conyers may not make it out to the polls today, she's providing motivation for other voters.

"Change, change, change," Dolly Hatcher told the Detroit News while waiting to vote. "I voted for Monica Conyers four years ago and what did that get us? I am not making the same mistake."

Meanwhile Rep. Conyers was seen at the police station voting. But wait a second how did he vote or should it be how does he vote?

Conyers leads in missed votes among Michigan congressional delegates

Rep. John Conyers, D-Detroit, has missed the most votes of the state's 15 House members and two senators.

His nearly 13 percent of missed votes -- 86 total -- also puts him alongside the top vote skippers in the House, where the Judiciary chairman ranks as the 14th out of 435House members with the most missed votes. Conyers office didn't respond to an inquiry about his voting attendance. Overall, according to vote data collected and analyzed by the Washington Post, the average percentage of votes missed by lawmakers in the House is 3.4 percent, and, in the Senate as of noon Wednesday, 3.5 percent. The Senate will recess later this week.

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