Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Case of the Missing K: Obama's Kenyan Registration of Birth (Update)

It seems that there are now two Obama Kenyan Registration of Birth documents.

The one in the link above has what looks to be K.F. Lavender instead of E.F. Lavender. But resolution is a funny thing. If I take my reading glasses off, miraculously it turns back to an E.

As a side note, What's-her-name at the Mudflats is trying to call the kettle black...

To the folks Outside who read Mudflats, save yourself some time. Taking the bait is way too easy. No documentation is needed with the Mudflats group to spread unfounded conspiracy theories.

When you take the bait and tell all you have swallowed it, then it turns out you were "had", but continue to take the bait, your followers are whittled down to the loony squad.

So back to the "two" different Obama Kenyan Registration of Birth documents.

As you will see, there is a resolution difference in the one posted on Mudflats when compared to the posted one at the link on FreeRepublic.

The old saying on this issue is: Make me a Believer


The crazy left have been busy beavers by trying to make a fake Australian Registration of Birth to shoot down the Kenyan one.

A Freeper has the goods on the idiot who made the Australian one.

The Kenyan copy.

The Austrailian copy made by some nutjob Obama supporter.

As you can see the difference in the letters on the folds. The Obama nutjob supporter just overlayed the type onto the background, but the Kenyan copy, you can see how the typeset follows the fold.

And to think that maybe the Austrailan copy may show up on Huffington Post to debunk the Kenyan copy....

Stay tuned and as they say again. Make me a believer.

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