Wednesday, August 19, 2009

If Palinsim is the New McCarthyism, Then Obamism is the New Cronyism (Update)

On the Eddie Burke Show yesterday, we talked about an article written by Richard Cohen from the Washington Post that was picked up by Josh Painter on his website.

First to the suggestion that Palin mirrors McCarthyism. If being called a demagogue makes you a McCarthyite, then Obama is in trouble.

And we know that Palin is not a drunk. But it can be said that editors are drunk with Demagoguery 20/20.

Now how about Obamaism being the new cronyism?

FYI: Barack Obama's top supporter George Soros is heavily invested in Brazilian oil- Petrobras. Soros made a major purchase last week before the news broke that the US would invest in the Brazilian oil company.

Nahanni says- "Follow the (Soros) money."


I will be putting the pieces together on how the cronyism with Obama and his supporters goes back to last year. The pieces will deal with Warren Buffett and his holdings that deal with the swine flu vaccine/Brazilian real estate/currency trading and Bill Gates with his past investments.

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Obama is in the trouble... and you kidding on him.... not good.