Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's in the DNC Water: Michele Bachmann gets Palinized

There must be crazy juice in DNC water. Some Democrat bloggers in Minnesota have filed ethics charges against Rep. Michele Bachmann.

Minn. bloggers file ethics complaint against Bachmann

Apparently these bloggers are using the Palin method now on Michelle Bachmann, what has to be done to stop this..

Three Minnesota bloggers filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Michele Bachmann this week, claiming the Republican violated House franking rules in an email to constituents.

Dusty Trice, Brian Falldin, and Aaron Landry asked the House Office of Congressional Ethics to investigate the alleged violation in a May 26 email.

The bloggers say Bachmann advocated for the National Automobile Dealers Association, which is a political organization. They say that violates House franking rules, which stipulate that members can only refer readers to government resources and private groups doing public policy programs such as the Red Cross.

Trice and Falldin have both worked for Democratic candidate races. Landry is a left-leaning blogger for MNPublius.

In the bloggers's press release, Landry points out Bachmann's support for NADA could be related to their donations to her campaign.

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Marcus Bachmann said...

Palin-Bachmann 2012!!!

The Batshit Crazy Criminal Ticket!!!