Thursday, August 06, 2009


Dear President Obama,

I had more medical tests today.

I was watching the Fox News channel, front-row seat, which was on when I arrived at the docs office. Enjoying the program immensely, I was shocked when a teen lad walked over to the TV and unceremoniously turned it off.

"Why did you do that?" I incredulously inquired. Pointing to a graying former SDS type, who was now a worn sixty-something woman. The boy responded, "She told me to turn it off." Turning to the woman, I told her (as if she did not know) that I was watching the program. "Why did you tell him to turn it off?" The question seemed reasonable. Totalitarianism was far from my mind until she spoke.

Snarling with an "In-your-face" attitude, she commanded that SHE would watch anything but FOX NEWS. So Fox News was unbearable. Since when? Aha, she was one of the mindless washed ones. I looked over at another woman to see if she was similarly disposed. "Maybe the (unintelligible) would be good," she sniveled.

I saw shades of Acorn and recalled your directive to "...confront [others] and do it with an in-your-face attitude." Sick or not, I reacted as any thoughtful American would. "WHO are YOU?" I asked. It was my way of informing the offending commie-general wannabe that she had no authority over me. Then I turned to the receptionist. "May I turn this TV set on?" She nodded that I could.

I responded that I needed help. The teen that had initially turned the set off restored Fox News for viewership. Just then the offensive C-GW was called into the office. As she swept past me, she snidely remarked, "It doesn't matter now."

Mr.President, I heard your "In-your-face" instructions and took them seriously, all of them were purposefully created to further divide America, and I did as instructed. "Betcha" you didn't think an old lady would.

Maybe it was just an unexpected altercation with a "useful idiot" or maybe her conduct foreshadowed a coming civil war. Having being instructed by you, our President, I am concerned with your tone. Be on guard relative to instructions that you give to the masses: please speak always for truth's sake, but forget the politics of destruction. Some are catching on to the probability that you are a trickster.

Food for thought: Procrustes' mindless ones are measuring the torturous bed. I never did think much of dismemberment or bloody sheets or unintended consequences. So I ask you to release me from the bed and the cruel change process. After all, I did get in someone's face today. I have done all you asked.

I am a little worried, though, if I have my history straight, it was the little people, like me, especially the middle class, that were destroyed in past revolutions, like the one you are preparing. Leaders like yourself, live long lives, so I don't expect to see you in the supine position any time soon.

As you continue to tell der Volk to get in each others faces, please remind them, sir, that when push comes to shove, you and your friends will be found elsewhere as in out of the country and they, the in-the-face followers, will sadly be the first to find their way to Procrustes' bloody bed. History is the great teacher about revolutionary followers and the cruel fates suffered at the hands of their very own leaders.


A self-insured senior citizen....

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