Thursday, August 27, 2009

Paging Bob Poe and Hollis French: Is Jesse Griffin Hiding Under White Sheets?

I will say one thing that I agree with Jesse Griffin on. And that is, the term Great White Hope finds its place in the oddest places.

I wonder if Jesse would care to argue with a black man about the topic? A black preacher who praised Bill Clinton and probably voted for him....

It is evident Jesse does not live in a city where blacks are a majority or owns a home in a predominately black neighborhood, let's say like Detroit.

Jesse likes to point fingers at people in the GOP who make idiotic comments when they come from the GOP, but it seems he is hiding under white sheets when he is doing the finger pointing.

Someone should ask Jesse whatever happened to this from the Huffington Post: Clinton: Not Exactly the Great White Hope

Were Hillary Clinton the great rural white savior that her campaign is depicting, she would have had this thing wrapped up in, say, Iowa, or a couple of weeks after that. Her inability to dispatch a presidential neophyte such as Barack Obama in a Democratic primary is precisely because, after alienating African-American voters beyond her comprehension, she wasn't able to convince white voters in places from Virginia to Idaho that she could be trusted to lead the country.

Jesse seems to forget racism plays out in all forms of colors..

Since Jesse is so fond of Jon Stewart, here is a good one.

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One should never trust a comedian that may be hiding under white sheets, because you have to go and see how people felt about Clinton's comments:

Better yet, what about the Jews. Jesse seems to have forgotten about them. How much time did Olbermann spend on the topic? Not much and he gave Obama a pass.

And he wants to somehow make a connection with Sarah Palin? Hardly, he should be focused on the racist sentiment found within the liberal mindset that is connected with Obama's own racism.

More campaign material for Hollis French and Who's Bob Poe? You betcha, they hang-out with some interesting characters.

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