Saturday, August 22, 2009

Paging Hollis French and Bob Poe: Your Entourage has Concerns About Palin's Nervous Breakdown

As you all know, Jesse Griffin, outed the Palins on their never-ending divorce.

Now he has another scoop, Palin is having a nervous breakdown.

If having a nervous breakdown is writing compelling arguments (with footnotes) on Facebook and knocking down Obamacare like she did, where can I get one of those nervous breakdowns?

That sneaky source continues to send out compelling evidence that is continually picked up by the nut roots on the left.

How do I know? Here's Jesse....

Usually I am not a fan of the celebrity gossip either, but in Palin's case I feel it is important to keep tabs on what is happening because she still has the ability to energize a very nutty wing of the conservative party.

And by the way they are the target audience for these tabloids. (I mean look, it outs Oprah as a lesbian and talks about NASCAR. How is that not Sarah Palin's demographic?)

Does this guy ever stop and think about what he says? It's evident who the Globe targets. Jesse tells us ( as Editors at the Globe call out "direct hit").

I think Jesse has his signals crossed up when you consider his followers can read the Globe and like it...

Anonymous said...

She finally made it into a periodical that she can read.

I do like the Globe better than that FaceBook vomit.
7:37 P.M.

All I have to say is this will make great campaign material for French and Who's Bob Poe?


Anonymous said...

You are blaming Jesse for an article in Globe magazine? Give me a break!! He did not say she had a breakdown. Your reporting is ofen far worse than his. I wish you could see that.
Secondly there is NO way SarahVis writing any of those entries on Facebook. Everyone knows that but peole who idolize her so much, they can't see clearly. I am a conservative and I used to like Sarah but face reality, something is wrong now. Her quitting shocked all of us in Alaska and no one here who has seen her real writing thinks that's her.
Instead of slamming bloggers, maybe you should be praying for Sarahs well being.
We all should be praying for her now.

Anonymous said...

"Usually I am not a fan of the celebrity gossip either"

LOL! I never knew perverse kiddie lovers could be so funny.

"I am a conservative and I used to like Sarah"

How touching, a MOBY.

"maybe you should be praying for Sarahs well being. We all should be praying for her now."

I would imagine that being on your knees is a position you are used to, eh?

Tom said...

Anon 1:28,

Your rescuing Jesse was your first give-a-way.

As the saying goes "show me" where I said he said she had a break down.

That is the second give-a-away that you aren't a conservative.

I never said it.

Meadow said...

Interesting that Anonymoose (from Alaska, it seems) is unable to see that the Facebook entries are done much like any research paper, using references/bibliography and concise presentation.

Too bad the MSM so-called 'reporters' haven't the same level of investigative/reporting skills.

Excellent article, Tom!

Anonymous said...
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Meadow said...

Tom, the post with all the numbers are links to mostly Russian websites. This is spam of the non-Alaskan lunch meat variety.

This is a common practice to get folks to click on links and end up with infected computers.

You might want to take it down/delete the post.