Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Rumor Mill on Palin

Dennis Zaki is at it again...

First the FBI/IRS investigation, now it's Splitsville for the Palin's... According to an unnamed source that is closely tied to Zaki, there is no story on the story of they splitting.

But according to the unnamed source closely tied to Zaki, there is the rumor that the Palin's are looking for a place in New York and it has to do with three ghost writers and writing the book.

(According to google searches, this story is still low on the rumor totem poll)

It stands to reason that the Palin's would purchase a house in New York while writing the book. As the rumor was reported, Todd would still be able to fish..

Sound like Splitsville? Not if Todd can fish there.

But of course it is only a rumor.

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