Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Two Griffins: Has Levi Johnston Become the Left's Play Toy?

I have to ask, where is Levi's mother and father in all of this?

The kid is out there being pimped around by the likes of Step mom (I could add a few words with a vulgar acronym but I won't) wannabe Kathy Griffin and the swashbuckling Peter Pan wannabe Jesse Griffin.

Look into his eyes. You can see the same plaintive look that one sees in the eyes of an arctic fox caught in a snare.

Sadly the only way that Levi can hope to escape is to gnaw his own arm off.

I still believe that Levi should stop all of this Hollywood nonsense and just sit down to write his book. I mean what is he waiting for?

Ahh the good ole days when Levi was still part of the Palin clan and he was getting hit by cheap shots from the left.

But now, the idiots on the left have invited Levi into their playground and they are showing off Levi or using him to prove that their source on the D-I-V-O-R-C-E was a source, when in fact there wasn't.

As for Jesse Griffin, he will just have to wait until Levi is done with his co- starring role with Kathy Griffin, in the faux production of Harold and Maude.

It is evident, Levi has a lot to learn about being used. But hey if the money is good, what the hell...

Now what did the left say about Levi and a television show?

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