Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN gets Caught on Video in Brooklyn New York

First Baltimore, then Washington D.C. now New York

The sting operation continues...

I hope the two kids send their best wishes to Rep. John Conyers.

In response to news last week that the F.B.I. has launched a secret investigation of alleged voter registration fraud by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now ("ACORN"), John Conyers, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has issued a hotly worded press release questioning the professionalism of the F.B.I. and questioning whether the investigation is politically motivated. Conyers tied the investigation to the now-discredited Republican effort in 2006 to force federal prosecutors to indict ACORN even in the absence of evidence of crimes and ultimately firing at least three of them illegally for refusing to prosecute nonexistent cases of voter fraud when pressured to do so by top Republicans.

It is good to see two kids rain on the idiots at the Huffington Post's parade..

And maybe John Conyers will have a "gooder" excuse this time for reading and understanding things.

Because when it was time for reading things like bills, short articles or indictments, Conyers needs to get "gooder" at it.

Conyers noted that the disruptions were part of a national Republican strategy, then said, “This doesn’t raise to that level.”

Sercombe who was standing at the back of the Church asked Conyers to read his story before chastising him.

“Were you hoping for a confrontation?” Conyers asked Sercombe. “I resent that writing and you and I are going to have a good conversation.”

“Read the story,” Sercombe said.

“After I read the story, we’ll have an even gooder conversation,” the 44-year veteran Congressman said to Sercombe.

(emphasis added)

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