Monday, September 21, 2009

The Chinese Connection via the CLSA: Sarah Palin Enters the Lion's Den

When the news was just coming out that Sarah Palin was going to speak before the CLSA. I was asking Will Sarah Palin Punk the Living Borat out of the CLSA?

Well a spokesman (Jonathan Slone) has come out and put blame on Palin for the news black-out.

There are other sites like Conservatives 4 Palin who are peddling the Breitbart version of Slone's remarks, but the bottom line on the story is the CLSA didn't have to say what Palin said.


These sites had better ask, what did Sarah say if there is no press and who will leak what she said? How will that be spinned? And how realistic is it for Sarah to believe that her comments would not be leaked out?

Moreover, it puts Palin in a tenuous position of defending a position that can be viewed as controversial.

Palin to address U.S.-China relations in Hong Kong speech to investors

Palin, who may be trying to beef up her foreign policy bona fides in preparation for a 2012 presidential campaign, will speak to the CLSA Investors Forum on Wednesday about U.S. foreign policy.

"We have asked her to address U.S. foreign policy, to discuss her views on governance, healthcare and, of course, China," Jonathan Slone, CLSA's CEO, told Agence France Presse.

The address, however, will be closed to the press.

"[W]e said to her, 'Look, we want you to give the most information to our clients. Do you feel comfortable doing that with the press around?' " Slone said.

"She said, 'If I do that with the press in the room, I will have to say different things.' "

This was an e-mail I sent to an individual on the topic of Slone.

check ceo slone from clsa

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Date:Mon, Aug 31, 2009 4:19 am

This one has the smell of set up as does the one in Michigan. SarahPac is doing a lousy job at handling this.


This group (CLSA) is not friendly to Palin and I hope she goes in with guns a-blazing and shoots down what has transpired overseas in China and with the markets that revolve around Chinese companies that are state owned but are listed on the stock market.

Other sites who want to bolster Palin's credentials by pointing to the CLSA do no service to Palin.

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