Friday, September 11, 2009

Does Media Matters Really Matter When it Comes To ACORN

Why someone would put much stock in what Media Matters for America would have to say about ACORN and Glenn Beck after the airing of the video sting by two individuals exposing corruption within the organization, has to be asked.

Just reading their narrative on the ACORN story should point to the oxymoron found in their title.

What is always interesting is, reading the comments:

by mikeskew (1 hour and 53 minutes ago) 1
Just watched the video and kinda underwhelmed. What I saw was two concernned women trying to help a dimwitted girl trying to live on her own. No harm there. Interesting but not as earth shattering as Beck let me to believe. And here I thought it was some secret plot to overthrow the government with Killer Pimps from Outerspace. Rest easy people, the Baltimore branch of ACORN is not going to steal your children and eat them despite what uncle Glen told us.
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Another useful idiot.....


johnastet said...

Poor mikeskew -- if you truly wanted to make an intelligent argument you would not, in your commentary, maximize your hate-mongering about those you don't agree with, eg. conservatives, and excuse and patronize the actions of those people you find acceptable.

Alura said...

I'm not really horrified at the idea of the women in BOTH videos not juding the couple, or even trying to find a loophole that would allow them to buy a house... at least, until they start coaching them on how to purposfully lie and break the law to commit tax fraud. Oh yeah, AND helping find ways to allow them to bring in hypothetical underaged El Salvadoran prostitutes.

Not knowing ACORN's supposed official mission, other than to "organize" this or that, I was bothered the most by the fact that in no way did they offer to help this couple find legitimate work, or refer them to a place that would. Seeing as protitution is usually not a career you hear of as having great benefits, unless free STDs, low self esteem, physical danger, and possible exposure to drugs count, I can't see how these woman did not at any time make any effort to discourage the girl from being a "lady of the night". As a woman myself, I'd have tried to at least take her aside and ask, "Do you like this life? Can I help you find other employment that is not so dangerous for you?" Even if she said, "No," at least the effort would have been made.

So these employees don't really seem concerned that she's is endangering herself with her profession, and that she and her boyfriend plan on bringing in younger girls and subjecting them to what amounts to sexual slavery. Seeing as I thought ACORN existed to organize the promotion of the under privileged groups of the US, I can't excuse their almost casual acceptance of child prostitution as a way to claim "dependents" on a tax return.

Anonymous said...

It's CORRUPTION. You must take a stand. Not against Left or Right, but WRONG or right. If you don't know that it's WRONG to help people evade taxes when you are a paid government worker (!), or to coach someone on how to avoid detection as head of a child prostitution ring (!), then what DO you condemn?? Did I hear someone say "yawn?" Are you KIDDING me?

Besides the insane immorality of it all, it is ILLEGAL. And the government is CALLED upon by liberals and conservatives alike to INVESTIGATE!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the same ACORN Obama represented in his only legal case, motor voter,and then later worked with as their trainer while a community organizer?