Saturday, September 12, 2009

Glenn Beck and Others Knocking on ACORN's Door: What Will Senator McCain do?

Back in October of 2008, an article was written in the Orlando Sentinel where it was stated that Senator McCain called for an investigation into ACORN...

John McCain took aother jab at the left-wing community organizing group ACORN today at a rally in Wisconsin, referencing various complaints that the group has signed up the same would-be voters multiple times in states like Ohio.

"There are serious allegations of voter fraud in the battleground states across America. They must be investigated," he said to cheers.

Will Senator McCain do the right thing and lead the charge in requesting that every Conyers, Reid and Pelosi request that a thorough investigation be done on the corruption in ACORN, as opposed to an asinine investigation on the CIA?

It can only help his status with Republicans, since he was one of the few Republicans that was anointed by the ONE, when it came to health care reform.

Moreover, it is not like there hasn't been any corruption from ACORN's past that was kept hidden from the public.

So Senator McCain what say you?

If you wanted an investigation back in October of 2008, it is surely needed now with what was brought to light by two sharpshooter kids who had the guts to get at the truth and it being put on display by Glenn Beck so everyone could see what is really going on.

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