Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Ian Ransom on Levi's Vanity Fair Palin Smear Job

Ian Ransom's cutting commentary regarding Vanity Fair's latest character-assassination-for-hire of Sarah Palin is not to be missed. The contract on Palin went to the most unlikely of hit men -- Levi Johnston, who blends with the VF elites like Scotts Miracle Gro mixes with moose manure. Any way you package it, it's the same old... er, stuff. What we like about Ian is he uses a keyboard like a samurai wields a katana.  Here are a couple of excerpts:
"Once again, we witness the Left's indefatigable obsession with defaming and dehumanizing Sarah Palin, long after she has departed center stage--for the time being--in the battle for America's ideological soul. Though Beltway denizens and pundits have adopted a wait & see approach (whilst keeping their straight-razors handy), bloated old fashion-mummies like Graydon Carter can't seem to shake their overweening fear of Palin's decency, or their inability to comprehend her unwavering, distinctly American dignity. Fops like Graydon Carter can't tolerate such abiding normality because, unlike Palin, these individuals do not value character...they value characteristics."


"It's not shocking that Vanity Fair and its washed-out hive of worker bees would stoop to such galling depths to ridicule a fine American leader who has never harmed anyone. Vanity Fair's sales are unquestionably in the same toilet wherein the souls of its editors are currently swirling toward the Ultimate Flush. These dandies are forced to pander for their very lives, which, in a way, testifies to the power that Sarah Palin has over them, and not vice versa."
Well, Ricky Hollywood, when Rex Butler said he would make you a star, is this what you had in mind? Probably beats posing for Gayboy magazine, though. Or is that next? And to think that your dad had found honest work for you until Dan Fagan screwed that up.

Read Ian's complete commentary here.

- JP

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merryecho said...

Sticks and stones, etc., but Ransom fails to say what is untrue/unfair about the article. And let's not be coy, Palin may have 'departed from center stage'but she is clearly still standing in the wings.