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From Procrustes Bed


Authors note: The Children's Story, by James Clavell, is a stab in the heart for die-hard, uninformed fans of the public school system. Look up the short story. In the process start with the video below: parts one, two and three. More videos were added 8/25/09 and 9/01/09. They reinforce a logical outcome of past political conditioning. The message? We lost our sovereignty. If so, for whom are our troops fighting in today's context?

Within today's context, ask why President Obama quickly pushes through many changes. Remember the video's clock on the wall - It took twenty-three minutes to create Armageddon's onset, and it happened years ago. Since then, we have been continuously subjected to the conditioning or brainwashing process. Initially, the key players instigated from the field of psychology. The subjects of their experimentation included teachers and students.

The Focus for this Blog

Six points to digest from Clavell's work: 1. how fast and easy brainwashing is accomplished; 2. how fast and easy evil can replace good and turn children against their parents and country; 3. why malleable children, who had not yet become mature reasoners, were the prime targets of the young, pretty woman; 4. The cynicism apparently motivating the young woman, who had obviously been trained to change the children; 5. the different needs and weaknesses of the children; 6. why old people had to be removed from society.

Conditioners Reach Us with Ease

Think of Clavell's children's story. Will they eventually sell out a country for money? Sure! Sell out a country for sex? Sure! Sell out a parent for power and esteem? Sure! Why not ? They get in our faces. Was Clavell's story an exaggeration? Look around you for the answer. I was one of many who were targeted for the reeducation process. My take on all of this is illustrated below. I am looking at the facts from an historic and religious perspective.

The Fall of the Republic in Process

As a group of citizens, we are best when we develop the knowledge and skills required to look beyond ourselves and keep the Republic as strong as we received her. Many of us failed to do so and our modern Representative Republic is in trouble. It has de facto been changed and is functionally a Democracy. Soon, it will devolve into a totalitarian state, as evidenced by the way our so-called representatives run from our participation, as we attempt to exercise the freedom of speech.

We have been conditioned to accept this miserable state of affairs and must cope with the knowledge that we helped to undermine the Republic. We denied responsibility when we were indifferent and silent. We defaulted and gave up when we continued to buy TV sets and news media, knowing full well that someone was running rough shod over our morals and was playing with our minds. We were passive when we should have been appropriately contentious.

When was the last time you heard a public servant call our form of government a Representative Republic? When was the last time you believed elections were fair and were not won by fraud? When was the last time you believed the press worked to protect your interests? Conditioned passivity, and distraction have served the elite well.

Consent Needed for Change

Change is the main constant in human history. It comes in its best form when the people consent to it, knowing its specifics. As an American citizen I never consented to hidden de facto change; therefore, the government has infringed on my Civil Rights by creating misleading hurdles.Our leaders have said they do not have to represent the majority views of true Christian thinking. This happened after we were dumbed down, intimidated, and shamed by the radical conditioners who ad-nauseum kept many of us silent through group shame and in-your-face assault. No more!

At Some Point the Majority Lost and the Minority Won

It is the minority (having nothing to do with race or ethnicity, although it can) that drives this nation's engine. This is the mark of a Democracy, not a Republic. What did the great thinkers say about Democracies? Stay away from them, they taught. Democracies represent the rule of the minority and make way for the bully's gang members who prefer totalitarianism, communism, socialism, cronyism, and egalitarianism etc., where an elite few rule the masses and destroy nations. The bullies need an uninformed electorate. Knowledge is power. They want to hoard it.

Takeover But Kill God First

Look around you at the socialist democracies. Why would you want one? They are generally run by bullies who divide and control the people, doling out money as if it was theirs to give. Hear the conditioners: "People! you don't have to pray anymore or plant food, or care for aging granny. We'll plant her somewhere out-of-the-way where you will not be inconvenienced. and the sweet thing can rest in peace. We, the conditioners, fear she might mention the God of justice and cause a stir, thereby, upsetting the peace. If there was social unrest, we could not provide you with all your needs and comforts."

A New Idol Appears: Narcissus

Recall in the video the first person that needed to be gone was the old teacher because she remembered another time when mankind knew Good and Evil and a just God. She feared for the children and said so.

The social engineers have attempted to kill God's Judeo-Christian teachings. They have forgotten that He has always existed and supernaturally inspired an important few within each generation. Why even the practical pagans used mythical characters to teach about personal flaws that could lead people to ruin. In our context, Narcissus is a reminder for our times of the need for introspection and self-criticism. His story is one of indifference and all that it entails. He has reemerged with a vengeance.

Murderous Indifference: It Was Contagious

No longer just pridefully self-loving, many of our citizens have become the modern version of the ancient, indifferent Narcissus, with the caveat that his modern personification has become malignantly murderous in its self-absorption and need to control others. He is everywhere. He was there when an infant was placed in a microwave, when a child was raped and sodomized, when parents spent their progeny's legacy on vacations and having fun. He giggled when a little girl was gang-raped and daddy blamed her.

Indifference to God and Children

Narcissus promoted the idea of parents smoking weed with the kids and smiled when we bought homes that were beyond our means. His indifference knows no bounds. He laughed when we failed to fight for the faith, as the Left took over and churches were closed. He was especially indifferent when he said that the killing of children in the womb could be a topic for "negotiation".

Indifferent Priests and Lawgivers

Narcissus did somersaults when faux-priests became indifferent child predators, sodomites, and who knows what else, giving good priests a bad name. I want to vomit when I hear that congregations defended their predators as nice guys, causing more pain for the victims. Are people stupid, corrupt, indifferent or all three? I will bet on the latter.

Clavell's Teacher

Given the above and more, I realize how successful the teacher was in the video below, times millions. How else would you explain that millions of infants are butchered in the womb, as our "lawgivers" rationalize the obscenity.

The thought that Narcissus times hundreds sits in congress, the courts and leads by way of the presidency should sound an alarm. But first we need to look at ourselves. Why do we tolerate all that goes against conscience? Were we effectually conditioned - if so where and when? How did teachers become conditioners?

We Have Not Chosen Wisely

Face it - we war among ourselves. This is an act of stupidity. Whether thousands of years ago or fifty, the roots of our weaknesses are pride and indifference, both reside within our core. Freud, who shares in this mess had a materialistic view of us, and his views along with other atheistic thinkers won over the elite. Christ, on the other hand, came to give us another more hopeful, simple view. I believe that Christ is the reason why a Representative Republic flourished. When we stray from Him, we find ourselves among the wolves that reside inside and outside the gates of the Republic. Looking around, it is obvious that we have strayed; looking inward we see why.

The Trinity of Good Effects

Without the good effects of the trinity of conscience, generosity of spirit and solid reasoning skills, we are easily deformed, like Clavell's children. Even with certainty we are still at risk to be changed; therefore, we must be vigilant because the Mind Washers move fast.

Change Radically and Quickly before The People become Informed

Time is everything. Look at Obama. Odd, don't you think, how he and his bullies demand quick acquiescence? They must get us while we are young, malleable and lack certainty, and, I might add, dumb! Think of it - we resist hardest and most successfully when we are knowledgeable and certain that the truths we have learned are rock solid. . Know them by the company they keep and the facts as they are presented.

The Politics of Race: A Conditioned Response

It only took candy to make Clavell's children slaves of the state. It helped that they shared by extension the paternalistic teacher's power. In the video, they wrecked the flag with her guidance and feared no repercussions. She herself did not damage the flag. She sweetly encouraged them to do it. That is how power by extension works. Often, we are too distracted to look at details, wherein the Devil resides. Distraction is a useful tool. In the sixties we called distraction by design, "Red Herrings."

The Gates' Red Herring

Look how Teacher Obama handled Professor H. L. Gates of Harvard. Gates without cause, snarled at a police officer who simply wanted to see his ID. The officer had been sent in answer to a call made by Gates' neighbor. She feared someone was breaking into the the professor's residence. Gates was ultimately arrested. Why? because he had behaved stupidly and was disorderly. He doesn't have a chip on his shoulder; it is more like a plank.

Conditioners Form Groups under an Assigned Leader

Professor H. L. Gates, like the children, was unafraid, knowing that he and Obama were buds (allies), sharing the same time-worn grievances and race power-structure-group. The whole affair could have been handled with diplomacy, behind the scenes. But that would not serve the conditioners' purpose.

Prideful Baiters

The professor, we find, is a natural born baiter, one who seems to be full of himself and, like a certain minister, enjoys the attention. Besides, he has been conditioned to like to make a fuss and misdirect. Somewhere in the past someone taught him that he could get away with it. At the same time, those who supposedly never knew an injustice were being conditioned to back down from in-your-face confrontational types, lest they offend the offender. Its called enabling, folks. The baiting and the enabling must stop.

Use Crises to Achieve Your Goals

Why did Teacher Obama choose to go public? He saw an opportunity and used a contrived crisis to show that he, the good [sic] teacher, wanted the whole mixed (classroom), including Gates,to know that he was their benefactor and protector against, wink, wink, hate. The ever-on influential conditioner and power broker, Obama, showed Gates that he (and others) could draw power from him by extension. Hidden message, hidden message, wink, wink.

Cometh the Proverbial Scapegoat

How did Obama handle the Gates affair during a bungled press conference? The so-called President of the United States, in front of the nation, and in a cowardly manner, painted the exemplary police officer as inept. The poor officer was castigated indirectly by Obama who declared the whole thing had been handled "stupidly." Since when is doing ones civic duty an act of stupidity or wrongheadedness?

Refocus: Who Acted Stupidly?

Who acted stupidly in the Gates senario? Let's start with Gates, since he refused to cooperate with an officer who was there to insure he was safe and was the real owner of the residence. The second immature act of stupidity came from the President of the United States who knew he was pouring gas on a hot-button race issue. In effect he was a race-baiter, who was helping another baiter, Professor Gates. Who else was complicit in baiting which is stupid in itself? The popular media, the world's conditioned, useful idiots.

Conditioners always Reward the Useful in the Short-term

How was professor Gates rewarded by co-conditioner Obama? Answer: the complaint was withdrawn. Did Gates learn to never act as a race baiter? Not likely, he was rewarded for having brought a whole police force to its knees, with the help of the kindly [?] president. That kind of bullying has got to stop. I cannot afford endless donations to the police defense fund for the injustice many good police officers have suffered.

Smoke and Mirrors: When Good is Portrayed as Bad

Like a Mafia Don or teacher-conditioner, Obama publicly assured his mutually conditioned pal, Gates, that Obama's power extended to him, making the good police officer the offending party. Sick! Having worked for the Civil Rights of my fellow citizens, I was outraged at the open display of racial politics which were orchestrated by a privileged man, whose maternal ancestors reportedly owned slaves and who descended from a tribe in Kenya that sold fellow blacks into slavery. Sources: (Free Republic, Guardian.Co.Uk, The Observer).

When the Trouble is in the East, Point West

Conversely, the bantam fighter, Gates, who found his white Irish roots awhile back, demonstrated a bit of the fighting Irish in his outburst. Irony, you trip us up every time. Fellas do you know how silly you look? You're not pure anything. We are a nation of mutts, so stop with the "poor-me" associations. The world is still full of real injustice - let's focus on that sad, on-going reality. Quit misleading the folks.

Fifty-two Million Acted Like Clavell's Children

Fifty-two million plus of my fellow citizens reacted to B.H. Obama's promise of peace and goodies as he employed trickery to win the presidency. He is not the President of a great country, he is a manipulator-conditioner who cleverly pits one American against the other, and will continue to do so, as long as we are dumb enough to let him. He and others are on the same mission as the teacher in the video. A question: Will Obama realize that he too has been conditioned? Will it matter to him?

Is Certainty Infallible?

Is it possible to expect certainty from children? Studies show they can be easily moved off course, even if they come from well ordered households. Obama knows this. He was indoctrinated by Marxists and found a comfort zone among them. It is one reason he wants the children in nursery schools. Certainty will come not from parents and loving others, but from Obama's strangers who care not, and are great conditioners. How does he differ from others that came before him? History shows that he is a born tactician (clever maneuverer) who runs with a bad crowd. He benefited from History, indifference, distraction and an ill-informed electorate. In other words, he appeared at the right place, at the right time, during a contrived perfect storm.

A Formed Conscience as a Weapon of Spiritual/Temporal Warfare

In the video, it was obvious that the children had not formed their own consciences. They were not yet moral reasoners. (I'm OK, You're OK) was instrumentally established by others. If it's OK for you to drink liquor and smoke pot, it's OK for me, too. If its OK for the teacher to let us shred the flag, well, then, it must be OK, period. It is all so humanistic, secular, based on the lowest levels of moral reasoning and, best of all, there is no discomfort associated with right and wrong, sin and good. How did we come to Hell's, " I'm OK, You're OK," over-simplified mantra? Based on History, I believe there was a plan, if not a plot.

A Scrapper for the 20th Century

Those in their twenties might ask: were there no leaders brave or wise enough to see the triumph of Evil's, Procrustes, Narcissus and the modern Brainwashers? Answer: there were a few scrappers. One came out of a poor village in Italy. As a priest, he loved the poor and worked among them. As Pope Pius X, he saw the esteem shown Darwin and Freud etc., and developed a plan, based on self-limited choice, as in self-limited freedom. He created an needle whose eye Catholics were required to squeeze through. They had to reject the rising mess upheld by the modern world. Only a remnant made it through the needle's eye.

A Supernatural Weapon for Children

Seeing the rise of modernism, a term that once confused me, and the influence of atheistic science, Pope Pius X, a very good Shepherd, pushed for children at an early age to receive their first reception of the Holy Eucharist and with it certainty's development through grace. With that the Sainted Pope hoped that the children would stand a better chance of withstanding Evil's onslaught.

The preparation for conscience development through self-examination and self-analysis, with God being the Supreme, all-forgiving therapist, would be their weekly manna. An Alter Christus sitting in the confessional would dispense penance and absolution. Sadly, only the foresighted understood the wisdom embedded in Pius X's teachings.

When an Army of Priests and Nuns Existed

His Holiness, now Pope Saint Pius X, was pushing-back at the rise of pernicious evil of his time. There was an army of priests and nuns who would help. Then, children were taught opposites, as in the opposite of good is evil, and the lessons were reinforced through repetition. It was a boring process, but competition changed boredom into excitement.

Approval, advice and counseling took place with regularity in the confessional. Spiritually, we had no need of patronage. When parents failed, strength and love came from above; and there were always interested neighbors who either chastised or gave approval.

Procrustes, Narcissius and the Stepfords: Psychology's Rise

It would take a troika of psychologists and psychoanalysts to cloud reason's sense of right and wrong. Man had become a kind of God; why did he need the Triune God? When we came to the moral fork in the road, we ventured into malignant narcissism. And what did many women do when they gained a semblance of power? Answer: they wanted a piece of the malignant pie and showed their gender-specific brand of narcissism.

Women's Roles as Conditioners

We women took to the "teaching" profession with ease and were naturally receptive to the co-conditioning process. I will never understand why, unless it is because we were taught not to think. Proof of my gender's failures are everywhere. We are not innocent bystanders: Hollywood, fashion, politics, changed churches, liturgy and dogma. We, the movers and shakers, have lost our sense of morality.

To hasten our downfall, modernism tells us that everybody is equally good and everybody goes to heaven or into oblivion. One or the other view is acceptable to the agnostic and the atheist. Its the H and P words (Hell and Purgatory) that must be expunged from the Catholic-Christian lexicon. The Humanistic State disallows the mention of sin, and we the emancipated, go along to get along. It's time we accepted our share of the responsibility for the mess we have made.

An Army of Psychologists Performs an End Run

In a creative moment, the maneuverers realized that they would need to target children and their teachers. A subterranean movement was needed. It was found in the professions that created clouds: psychology and psychiatry. In fairness, each profession projected some semblance of relative subjective truth, as in "beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." The problem was that the world needed unbiased, unchangable truth, based on fact. The Christian faith was the tool that opened the door to truth. The doctors of the church argued well that "Faith brings you to reason." Question: who is reasoning these days?

Who Were the Big Guns? Who Used Their Methodology?

Like the children in Clavell's story, we all have been conditioned to some extent and have used conditioning techniques. When I entered college, Pavlov (Physiologist/Conditioned reflexes), Skinner (Psychologist/ Operant Conditioning), and Freud (Psychiatrist/Psychoanalysis) were the preeminent psychological/psychiatric Troika. The Troika were not followers of Christ and unfortunately were imitated by those whose credentials were outside the inner-workings of the esteemed theorists.

Teachers unfortunately were found among the group of the incompetent by virtue of the fact that they were not of the medical/psychological class but were minor players in the remaking-process. We were marginally formed. I was one of them, and was one who resisted reeducation.

Who Were The Generals That Waged War on Children?

Pavlov, was a Physiologist whose studies married science and medicine. Unfortunately, his studies on organ reflexes were used by both dark and light forces in science, psychology and sadly politics. Fairly or unfairly, he is associated with soviet hard-core (procustean) brainwashing.

C. Rogers (Psychologist, Psychoanalyst/Client-centered psychotherapy) came on the scene and ostensibly replaced the onerous Freud, who was too pessimistic, and whose focus was beyond the understanding and mission of many teachers.

Skinner's Operant Conditioning was a bit off to those who thought that M&Ms were a poor substitute for stars and pats on the head to "reward" achievement. A softer, more subtle approach was needed. It would take Rogers, the humanist and esteemed author of, Freedom to Learn, to popularize and embed aspects of clinical psychology into the field of teaching. According to a biographer, Dr. George Boeree, Rogers in the end was disappointed with higher education, now there is a story 60 minutes, Fox etc. When you do an expose` on HE I will go down to Sears and watch it.

Note: In a coming blog: you will learn how teachers were conditioned to accept a role that pitted them against parents. Impossible? Naw. To be continued (part 2).

Editors note: The Children's Story's fictionalized video below is followed by another video, one that illustrates in today's real context the outcomes of classroom conditioning.

From Clavell's fiction to the real world: The Making of a President


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