Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jonah Goldberg: The Media is Dead, Long Live the Media

The Northern Light and the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Activities sponsored guest speaker Jonah Goldberg this evening at the U.A.A. Campus.

Jason Cline (photos sent from his cell phone) from the Fixed Pie was with some of the College Republicans.

There was a pretty good audience.

Jonah on stage.

I will be going through my notes and picking out pieces of his conversation with the audience and writing down what Jonah had to say.

I was impressed with his ability to speak casually with the crowd.

You will also be able to hear a podcast with Jonah on KRUA's public affairs program: From the North .

It will be on Friday September 18th, 2009 at 10 a.m. on KRUA 88.1 FM.


In his opening remarks, Jonah talked about how is married to an Alaskan and how he was a conservative form New York.

Then he quickly went into his theme on the media.

A funny salvo was launched by him, when he referred to himself as being on Keith Olbermann's worst person list four times, because he was a pain in the ass.

Then he launched with the salvo that being a pain in the ass was the quickest way to get at Olbermann's brain.

Jonah seemed to have some sentiment when he spoke about the newspaper business fading away and it could be a sentiment derived from the family background that he has.

He spoke briefly about his father and the newspaper business. And within the context of the newspaper business, you got the feeling that there was a sincere disappointment in how the media has turned.

There was a sense from his own statements that he feels that the newspaper business will be gone with his statement that he will miss the print media.

Given the fact as he pointed out, young people are turning to the internet and not reading the paper, eventually he may be right.

His sentimentality was mixed with humor when he talked about having a sentimentality to whale oil lamps and the aroma, the internet, Al Gore and his green elves and U.S. News staffers being paid with cat food.

There was a brief history lesson on how the White House had it own newspaper before that late 1880's and when you look at the names of newspapers, they were an indication of their partisan nature.

(takes break with taking swig of water and off-the-cuff said he had a dry mouth from smoking enormous amounts of pot)

Foxy Ladies and Fox News

I will continue later....

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