Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keith Olbermann: Get's His Pressers Mixed up on Palin

It is still evident that Sarah Palin gets under Olbermann's skin. Hence the comment on Palin speaking before the CLSA.

The organization in 2004, had Bill Clinton give his fireside chat.

Bill Clinton closed the Forum today with a fireside chat virtually live from New York which left investors with an upbeat review of the Japanese economy, and its relationship with China.

This isn't the first time the forum has been closed to the press.

What will Olbermann say if Palin has some critical comments on China as compared to what Clinton said in 2004?

While I have said this visit was a setup, I believe Palin can turn this visit into a plus.

There is one question on why didn't the CLSA spokesman criticize the comments made toward Palin on being a "Borat" victim?

The spokesman never did. That should tell you how this organization is.


Anonymous said...

Oops. Clinton "closed the forum" in that he was the final speaker, thus speaking at the close of the event. He didn't speak at a closed forum. Others may have required that their speeches be "closed" to the media, but Clinton wasn't one of them.


Tom said...

It was closed to the media just like the forums are done at World Economic Forum..

The information is released through taped videos, press releases etc, etc.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

susan banks said...

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