Saturday, September 19, 2009

The United States' Waterloo: The Obama Presidency

There was much talk about Obama's Waterloo being health care reform.

His last stand on having any chance of having any respectability in his presidency will soon fade-away and that last stand is his approval ratings on foreign policy.

Those approval ratings will be soon to fall.

Unfortunately, the United States' Waterloo is the Obama presidency.

The fact is, if you look at each topic like the economy, health care reform and foreign policy, Obama is implementing policies in the United States that will hurt the United States.

Enter now, the foreign policy blunders that Obama is about to embark on.

Call it Obama's Excellent U.N. Adventures.

As has been written about for sometime on this site, Obama's foreign policy was very weak and it was predicted on this site, Obama would take the position he has done on the missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

There has been extensive focus on Russia on this site and for good reason.

The events surrounding foreign policy that will be evolving will be done with Russia's manipulation.

Point one, we will not win the war in Afghanistan. This will be seen as a failure in the Obama administration.

The war in Afghanistan will be Obama's war.

As I wrote briefly before, we need to pull out all conventional combat troops out of Afghanistan and conduct the war with the use of covert operations and drones taking out key Al Qaeda elements.

We can not operate a long term war in Afghanistan, because we needed to set up military operations in the Stans and what was offered by Russia and it proxy states is meaningless.

The use of bases in the Stans only allowed non-military hardware to be moved through the states. And you can bet, a lot of the non-military hardware was being stolen and sold.

Point two. Russia was not going to allow anything more than what was agreed upon because Russia fought the Taliban for years and know that without a huge presence in Afghanistan, we will lose. And quite frankly it will weaken us.

Without a proper staging ground, the war in Afghanistan is futile. If Obama does not get what is needed then it is lost.

Will he? No.

Obama has lost any upper-hand and because of what was done by him with the missile defense system for Eastern Europe, an escalation of sabre rattling will take place between Israel and Iran to where war will break out between the two countries.

Because Western and Eastern Europe will be threatened by Iran having the ability to launch a nuclear warhead, the likelihood of Israel attacking Iran's infrastructure becomes very real.

Moreover, Russia, Iran with Qatar, will have control on the pricing of natural gas in Europe, even though they are not considered a cartel when they act like one.

And if you think gas is high now. Wait. And wait to see what happens to the economy if things don't change soon.

We are seeing Russia continue to roll-over the Obama administration. Russia knows that the American people are tired of war and can read the polls on the Afghanistan war.

Why would President Medvedev try to appeal to the dissidents in America? Who do you think he is going to try to appeal to, while for the first time, a U.S. President will be sitting at the table of the U.N. Security Council?

As stated previously, the best we can do in Afghanistan is pull conventional troops out of Afghanistan and seek to establish military ties with the Baltics and shift troops to the Baltic region if ties are developed.

Will we do this under the Obama administration and the Democrat controlled Congress?


The United States' Waterloo is the Obama presidency and the 2010 midterm elections will decide if the United States will be victorious in being the strong and great country it is supposed to be.

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President Barack Obama lost the support of many good people in Poland, the Czech Republic, the Baltic States and Ukraine. This may translate, as well, to a loss of support among Americans of Polish descent. Yesterday, 17 September, is the day on which Soviet dictator Josef Stalin joined Hitler in crushing and raping Poland 70 years ago. And it was this day that the U.S. president decided to nix a missile defense system based in Poland and the Czech Republic, claiming that there were better ways of strengthening "America's defenses against ballistic missile attack."

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