Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chris Kelly, A Farmhand at the Huffington Post has a Potty Mouth

When someone is getting upset that their guy is losing a political race, they start to use the F-Bomb.

In the New York congressional race with Doug Hoffman, the left were hedging their bets. They had two candidates.

But what I don't understand is why the headline(linked below) with the blocked letters that leads into a political editorial rage.

Because when you get into the political editorial rage, Chris Kelly unloads with the F-Bombs with no censored letters.

Why not just use the full uncut version of the F-Bomb in the headline and try to score points with the left.

What is funny is to see half-way into his rage, Kelly asks if he can editorialize for a second, when you know at the first censored letters in his headline he is editorializing.

And then, when he wants to editorialize for a second, he wants you to believe he is not amused and he is being fair, balanced and objective.

Doug Hoffman Wins an Olympic Gold Medal, Gets Reagan Elected and F***s a Rat

If I can editorialize for a second, are you kidding?

Here's something less amusing -- but more revealing -- about Doug Hoffman's website: It contains an Internet era update of a dirty trick Nixon's men used to call "rat fucking."

Dems love Dede

According to the Draft Dede as a Democrat blog, "we will have her on all of our key issues from card check, to health care, to taxes, social issues and who knows what else."

And then it has the web address of a blog called PlanetAlbany, linking to a blog called Draft Dede as a Democrat. Pretty damning stuff, right? Dede Scozzafava - Hoffman's Republican opponent - is actually a Democrat! And the proof is right there in this blog that links to this other blog, by some Democrats so proud of Dede Scozzafava that they prefer to remain completely anonymous.

That's how crafty they are.

Dede Scozzafava is their secret puppet and their plan is so fiendishly clever they can't wait to blog about it.

Or maybe Draft Dede at a Democrat isn't real. Take a look, and judge for yourself.

Classic rat fucking involves things like printing fake campaign literature for the other candidate where he promises, if elected, to commit unspeakable crimes and making infuriating late night phone calls from non-existent groups, The Child Pornographers' League, for instance, endorsing your opponent. The fake blog is a new wrinkle.

Why are half the articles on Draft Dede about how clever it would be to trick people into voting for her and the other half about what a disaster she is?

Why would a Democrat write something like:

It took years for one of ours to finally infiltrate the National Republican Party apparatus and wreak civil war within the GOP. Call it the Socialist Watergate of 2009, but with Scozzafava as the Republican nominee in NY-23 we will finally have the keys to the National Republican Party -- and with it -- almost certain access to all its ugly organs of operation...

When Dede wins, she will carry our water and also give us greater insight into the broader internal workings of the right-wing nuts running the corrupt partisans, otherwise known as the Republican House Caucus (talk about a self-inflicted wound)...

Dede Scozzafava, a wolf in sheep's clothing. This could be one of the greatest "Alinksy" coups of all time.

... and I'm telling you all this, Mr. Bond, because you won't be alive to see it.

Why would anyone write anything like that?

Except to rat fuck someone.

See what I mean?

This stuff from the farmhands at the Huffington Post continues to entertain. And yes Mr. Kelly it is amusing....

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CirculationDown said...

No surprise Chris Kelly writes for Bill Maher.

Robin Williams is funnier improvising than angry Bill Maher is with written material.

I've seen a lot of funny comedians say funny things about Republicans, but Bill Maher (courtesy Chris Kelly) is not one of them.

No idea why these people are so angry.