Monday, October 19, 2009

Glenn Beck is Right: Obama has a Mao Tse-Tongue

The Washington Times has an interesting editorial on Obama's Miss Dunn

A push for control is revealed in attempts to organize Hollywood to help convey party messages and to use the National Endowment for the Arts to promote Obama policy initiatives. The Federal Communications Commission is considering content regulations on radio stations under the guise of promoting "diversity." The White House convinced television networks to embed themes of "service and volunteering" all this week, and tried to rebrand Sept. 11 as a Day of Service. This reminds us of Mao's admiration for the Soviet "subbotnik," or voluntary (actually forced) labor program. The fact that the White House communications director finds inspiration in the words of the man who gave the world brainwashing is cause for concern.

The current war with Fox News - which Miss Dunn called "opinion journalism masquerading as news" - shows the White House commitment to controlling the press. Among Fox News' crimes was when Chris Wallace fact-checked controversial statements made on his program by Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth. Yet to Miss Dunn, the media should serve as what Vladimir Lenin called "transmission belts," simple purveyors of whatever the White House dishes out, uncritically and unthinkingly. How dare Fox News check facts. No one fact-checked Mao.

On "This Week" on Sunday, Obama senior adviser David Axelrod lectured George Stephanopoulos on how ABC should treat Fox. Any news shop that follows the White House line will be seen as an extension of Miss Dunn's information machine. Meanwhile Fox's ratings continue to go up.

Then you have the Mao Tse-Tongue talking-heads out wanting to control the media by attacking only one organization in the media.

How do Maoists operate in other parts of the world? Through movies and attacking the media. They try to control the media and its message through attacks.

Who supports the Maoists? China...

Who is trying to establish economic ties in Afghanistan? India.

How does the Maoist fit in the Aghanistan culture? Through the Taliban.

The word "taliban" is the Farsi-Persian plural of the Arabic word "talib," student. Their movement started in the late 1980's in Pakistan's numerous Afghan refugee camps. But its roots lie in the revolutionary fervor that gripped Afghan students during the 1960's. Like similar movements all over the world at the time, Afghan students embraced Marxism-Leninism. But unlike most of the others which focused on industrial workers, Afghan students were deeply affected by Chinese Maoism which preached an almost missionary moralism to any and all poor.

When a brutal Communist government came to power in Afghanistan in 1978, Marxism Leninism soured as an ideology among Afghan youth. Many turned to Islam, the faith of the vast majority of Afghanistan's poorest people. Students found that Maoism's "serve-the-people" doctrines fitted in well with Islam even as they found Mao Zedong's concepts of warfare highly effective in resisting the Communist regime and then battling post-Communist warlords.

What was Obama's position on talking with the so-called moderates in the Taliban?

What do the Taliban think?

Now what about Maoists here in the U.S.? Some levity is needed. Is that Keith Olbermann hiding behind that mask?

Now the unmasked version...

The left is full of crazies and unfortunately, the White House is full of them...

And in answer to the question on if it was Keith Olbermann, there is a big resemblance....


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Tom said...

Don't tell me, you two anons also believe that Trig isn't Palin's son....