Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The McChrystal Doctrine: From a Father's Perspective

I am posting this link to a father's concern on McChrystal's plans.

The father's comments make the point of what has been stated here on this site.

Conservatives should use caution when promoting McChrystal.

We have continued this fight because there are still too many Marines and Soldiers on the ground over there who will continue to die because of these Rules of Engagement. President Obama intends to release his decision, by the end of this week, on what the strategy should be as we go forward with the operation in Afghanistan and he is likely to accept much of what General McChrystal has recommended. The one caveat in the Stratfor/AP report of this announcement today was that he intends to lean even more heavily on the side of the civilian population. This means, most certainly, heavier American casualties.

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Clotilde Frazier said...

Where is the outrage? Where are those idealist youth from the college campuses? Either fight a war or bring our sons and daughter's home.

Right on with your post. More of us need to focus on the madness of asking our youth to fight a politically correct war, odered to lose.

The socialist world loves Obama because they know he will call a truce and not push to victory.

Heaven forbid that the anti-American world should have to endure another point in History, whereby American troops kept the barbarians at bay.