Thursday, October 08, 2009

Meet the money behind Levi Johnston

Via Gregory Tart's blog at Team Sarah:
"Obama backers have launched an... insidious deal to keep Levi Johnston in the public eye through a promotional campaign by Roll Industries for its nuts products- which seeks to profit from the former relationship between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Johnston is a spokesman for the Roll's Paramount Growers division."
The Chairman of Roll International, Stewart A. Resnick, is -- you guessed it -- a billionaire liberal Democrat. Rolls' business interests are diversified and include some familiar brands. He is also a generous donor to the Democrat Party. 

Resnick's wife Lynda is Godmother to Arianna Huffington's daughter. That would be the same Arianna Huffington whose left wing Huffington Post has been using Levi Johnston as a weapon against Sarah Palin for the better part of a year:
"The jokes about meth, hillbillies, and Bristol Palin [were] beyond the pale."

"Many have speculated democrats would go to any lengths to keep this character in the public eye to [embarrass] Sarah Palin. Its a sad world where the rich can score political points by attacking children to get at the mother."
Roll International brands include Teleflora, the largest flower delivery service in the world, FIJI bottled water, POM pomegranate products, Paramount citrus and nuts, Suterra pest control items, Neptune Pacific Line global shipping company and in-house advertising agency Fire Station, which pays Levi as a pitchman for Rolls' nuts.

We've already updated our "do not buy" list.

- JP

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