Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Advice for Levi Johnston: Shut the Hell Up and Act Like a Father

Back in August I had stated:

The person who knows who started the rumor, their name has been sent to Outside sources.

And with Levi stating he doesn't have much information about the divorce, it clearly shows he is getting lawyer advice on backing off on what was told to him.

So where does that leave Levi? Out in the cold when it comes to a possible custody battle.

One question remains, is Rex Butler leading the charge on a possible custody battle between Bristol and Levi?

We shall see.

But some advice for Levi, make as much money as you can get, because if you keep doing the trashy talk show circuit and continue to disparage your son's family, you will need it to pay the child support.

It's that simple.

This kid is definately getting bad advice and where in the hell is Levi's father at.

Today, Levi gave another interview to the Guardian with the following opeing to the article.

Relations between the former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin and Levi Johnston, the teenager who almost became her son-in-law, have deteriorated to the point that a court battle is now inevitable, he has told the Guardian.

The dispute is over Tripp, his infant son by Palin's eldest daughter, Bristol: he claims Palin is preventing him from seeing the child.

"I'm up to the point where I can't see my kid again. I'm done. I'm sure we'll end up in court. We're definitely going to court," Johnston, 19, said in an interview in Anchorage, Alaska's largest city.

Some words of advice to Levi, get a new lawyer because you are going to need it.

Knowing Alaska family law extensively, the kid will get his butt handed to him on a platter if certain Judges are assigned.

There are good ones and there are bad ones. And if he get's a good one, then he's a gone'r.

But I don't think the kid really cares. A good lawyer who was representing their client, would have told him to pay his child support and act like a good father and not disparge the family.

Now given Levi has Rex Butler representing Levi and they have been on a whirl-wind-disparge-the-family-tour, child custody is not the concern here.

My bet is it's just a ploy to keep his 15 minutes of fame alive and put the Palin family in a bad spotlight. And a good judge will ask Butler how does he think he has represented his client well.

Or is he using the court to push their 15 minutes of fame?

In the end, will Levi have a case of legal malpractice against Butler? After-all a good lawyer would have told Levi to shut the hell up and act like a father.

For Levi, it's too late to play the custody battle, he has opened his mouth too many times that he comes across as a liar.


Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is a controlling, selfish, petty woman who doesn't care if Tripp has a father or not. She's denying a father access to his son, who needs a relationship with his dad and doesn't care about all this other stupid crap. Her ugly BS has always worked for her in the past, but she's backed Levi into a corner and he's going to fight back the only way a young, dumb kid knows how. Palin is the one who needs to put her "family values" where her big ugly mouth is.

Anonymous said...


I absolutely agree with you. I do not take anything he says seriously. He should get a real job and pay his back child support instead of bashing his baby's family to make money. It is just disgusting.

Bungalow Bill said...

Levi is a punk looking for a payday by extending his 15 minutes of fame a few minutes longer. When you say things like I know things that would destroy them but I am not going there, you are waiting for the National Enquirer to write the check.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think he is lying after watching this video?