Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Alaska's U.S. Senator Mark Begich: A Man With a Past and is There a Smoking Gun?

I am going to start off with saying you can judge a man’s character by his past and the friends he keeps or kept. And when you look at both Senator Begich’s past and who his friends were, no one should be surprised with the new revelations on Anchorage’s budget deficit and how then Mayor Begich left out some important information when it came to signing union contracts that cost Anchorage taxpayers more money.

When Begich ran against Ted Stevens for the U.S. Senate seat, Begich saw an opportunity because Senator Stevens was under investigation for not properly filing campaign reports and it was based on Bill Allen, (longtime political contributor to both Republican and Democratic candidates) remodeling Steven’s house in Girdwood.

Prior to the trial of Ted Stevens, the federal government and their prosecutors were involved in the corruption trails of Alaska Republican legislators. One individual who was involved in the corruption trials was Bill Bobrick, longtime lobbyist for various clients and one time, Deputy Treasurer and best friend of Mark Begich.

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