Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bailey's Co-Authors go Rogue and Andrew Halcro Will Have to Wait

Let the conspiracies fly from the left and Andrew Halcro, wannabe U.S. Congressman who thinks the Hatchet man Cometh.

Co-authors end book deal with ex-Palin aide

Christiana Grace, company co-owner and one of the co-authors, says she can't elaborate on the reasons for the termination. But she adds it was not a falling out with Bailey, her close friend since college.

Bailey could not be reached for comment.

Bailey was embroiled in Troopergate, the investigation of Palin's firing of her police commissioner over allegations he wouldn't fire a trooper who went through a contentious divorce from Palin's sister.

And you have to feel sad for Andrew Halcro, his little inspiration will have to wait:

According to the co-author Morgan, the title of the book was inspired by a blog I wrote where I labeled Bailey the governor's hatchet man.

This is one book I'd buy just to reconcile all of my blogs with the truth.

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