Thursday, November 05, 2009

Emergency Messages from the Moderates in the GOP: SEND OUT SARAH (SOS)

To all of the pundits on the left who are chattering the mantra Sarah Palin is done....

And the GOP needs to move to the center.

Why the SEND OUT SARAH (SOS) message from the moderate Kirk and why is the moderate Crist doing an about face on the stimulus package?

Was it because of Palin, or is it because she represents the conservative revolution (according to the polls and elections) that is taking place?

Just answer both questions with a check mark in the yes column and you would be right on both points.

Moreover, why are moderate Dems shaking-in-their-boots?

So keep the chattering going, because as your ship sinks (ratings fall), you too will be sending out an emergency SOS.

Oprah did it, so will you.

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