Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MSNBC's Olbermann on Nicole Wallace and Did Wallace Lie About the Couric/Palin Interview?

First up: Keith Olbermann on Tom Ridge's Book

What did Nicole Wallace say on Fox News?

Wallace stated she wasn't even in the room when they were making decisions and she is speaking as she knows?

Did Olbermann comment on Nicole Wallace calling Ridge's statements a "wussy way"

Can't find anything.

Here is a Nicole Wallace interview on if McCain said "resolved" verus "addressed."

Did Olbermann interview her or speak about her gaffe?

Can't find anything.

But Olbermann did attack Palin on every topic that conflicted with Wallace...

The clothes. The where is Africa rumor, etc, etc, etc.

What did Fox News say about the clothes and staffers?

And what did Wallace say about Palin the day of the V.P. debate.

What it comes down to is; staffers trying to save their own butts from their own screw ups and trying to maintain their credibility so they can get a job..

As for Olbermann, when it came to Wallace, it seems very odd when you consider her comments on attacking Ridge, Olbermann never made Wallace the worst person in his world.

It must be an olive fruit fly thing........He tends to get his geographical bearings confused between France and North Carolina...

Now what did Katie Couric say about the Sarah Palin interview posted here.

From Couric's own YouTube site about asking what issues would you like for her to ask.

Send Katie your thoughts about her upcoming interview with Gov. Sarah Palin. What would you ask her if you could? What issues are most important to you as the election approaches? Leave a comment here on the channel or send an email to

You see Nicole as you stated in your own YouTube how important the YouTube is on holding people accountable; Couric's own words don't match your comments, so maybe the lovely Ms. Maddow would care to do a follow up....

It has to do with eating crow for both of you ...

Wallace told msnbc that this is "rationalization or justification or fiction." "We set up this interview on the day of the U.N. General Assembly, with a walk-and-talk in front of the U.N. It was never made as two working gals ... that was supposed to be to highlight her foreign policy savvy."

Seems Wallace has her messages mixed up...

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