Monday, November 02, 2009

Sarah Palin Robo-Calls in Virgina: Vote for Sarah Values? (Update with robocall)


Virginia, hello, this is Sarah Palin calling to urge you to go to the polls Tuesday and vote for Sarah’s principles,” the former Alaska governor says in the call, which was provided to CNN by one Democrat who recorded it. “The eyes of America will be on Virginia and make no mistake about it, every vote counts. So don’t take anything for granted, vote your values on Tuesday, and urge your friends and family to vote, too."


Last October, during her vice presidential bid, Palin told reporters that voters get “irritated” by the automated calls being used at the time by both presidential campaigns, calling the tactic part of the “old conventional ways of campaigning.”

Palin never liked robocalling and it was never done by her campaign in Alaska. I am surprised by this one.

I have to ask who's idea was this one... And what was told to Palin.

Since Meg Stapleton's verified it I have to wonder who put Palin up to this one.

When you consider she never liked robocalling and even stated it, I have to just shake my head on this one..




CNN has made a correction to the story. The tape did not say Sarah's principles. should point to the error.

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