Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sarah Palin: Should We Make Rogue Vogue?

By Paul Ibbetson

Sarah Palin is back in the public spot light with her new bestselling book, Going Rogue.At the moment, on just about every television channel, one can view the very photogenic Palin being quizzed about her new book and her plans for the future. Of course, the big question that comes up at some point in every conversation is - will she run for the top spot in the next presidential election? While trying to pick the person that will be the Republican Presidential Candidate in 2012 is a pre-mature question, who among us, both liberal and conservative, can’t say it is not a tantalizing topic to discuss? For conservatives, it is one of the most important chances to correct this Titanic-style course of destruction that Barack Obama has chartered for the country. For liberals, it’s a chance to hate a new conservative presidential candidate with all the energy they can muster. Good times.

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