Sunday, November 01, 2009

Scozzafava Goes Rogue on the RNC and Newt got Punk'd (Update)

When you really analyze this whole Scozzafava deal...points have to be made.

The points are:

One, the RNC wasted alot of money on a liberal. But what the hell, they wasted a ton of money before.

Two, Scozzafava is sort of the liberal's Roguette (if there is such a word) in that she is backing a Democrat but a liberal one. As stated on this site before, the left was hedging their bets.

Three, if Palin endorsed a conservative Democrat, would we be throwing political darts at her?

There is one thing for sure however, Newt got punk'd. And no Mark, contrary to what you stated in your article, a grenade was not thrown at Palin.

Instead of throwing a grenade at Palin, for Scozzafava, it is more like going home in defeat...

Editor's note: It has been pointed out the word Roguette should be Roguess. It has to do with the age of the person.


Politico is reporting Ms. Dede secretly met with a DEMOCRAT.

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), who is in charge of new candidate recruitment for House Democrats, played a key role in getting Republican Dede Scozzafava to back Democrat Bill Owens -- just hours after she dropped out of the NY-23 race on Saturday, Dem sources tell me.

Is anyone surprised?

Note to Glenn Thrush. She isn't a moderate. If there is such a thing...

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