Wednesday, November 25, 2009

TransCanada under investigation in U.S. for alleged overcharging (Update)

TransCanada under investigation in U.S. for alleged overcharging

WASHINGTON -- A U.S. energy regulator is investigating whether a natural gas pipeline company controlled and operated by TransCanada Corp. is overcharging customers. Two other U.S. pipeline companies are also under the microscope.

The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission said Thursday it is looking at rates levied by Great Lakes Gas Transmission LP, Northern Natural Gas Company, and Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC. FERC said the probe concerns whether the companies "are over-recovering costs, causing rates to be unjust and unreasonable."

TransCanada, directly and indirectly through a wholly-owned subsidiary, owns 100% of Great Lakes, said James Millar, a TransCanada spokesman in Calgary.

“We’re analyzing the matter and can’t predict” the outcome, he said. FERC, Mr. Millar said, has not invoked the rule it used to trigger the review in 20 years. He did not know whether TransCanada was aware FERC was considering the review.

While this was going on, Obama requested that Drue Pearce step down.

WASHINGTON — The Republican who heads up the federal agency overseeing the proposed construction of Alaska's natural gas pipeline is stepping down at the request of President Barack Obama.

Hmmmmm...... The Denali project is seeking Gazprom's support and there are rumblings that the Hickel LNG project may be linked up with the Denali project.

Hickel is supporting Bill Walker in the Republican primary for Governor and Palin is supporting Sean Parnell.

And the bad news on TransCanada emerges?

A long time ago, I said Palin should have worked to bring the producers together...

This does not bode well for Parnell and Palin...

Hickel has endorsed Obama in the past and then he backed-stabbed Palin...

It seems Hickel hasn't pulled that knife out of Palin's back and still has his own interests in mind...

Update: I am going to be very direct here. I have said it before and I will say it again. Palin has some lousy handlers and advisors.


Channel 2 News: What would you do (with AGIA) if you were still governor?

Sarah Palin: We need to remind the lawmakers of their enthusiasm and that overwhelming support to get this gas line off the dime, the project. Other administrations, they've been talking about it for decades in Alaska; we know that there is the need. And Alaska has the ability now to get the thing built. We have a great partner in TransCanada Alaska (and) Exxon, (the) largest company in the world wanting to partner with the best pipeline building company in the world.

When it came time to negotiate the deal, Palin should have worked with ConocoPhillips and B.P. More importantly with Conoco.

Now she has a problem with headlines that puts TransCanada in a bad light and Exxon, already, is not a well liked company.

So who does Palin point to? TransCanada and Exxon....

This upcoming election in Alaska will be very interesting on how it impacts Palin's credentials.

Right now she is living her field of dreams but will it come to an end later on?

Presently I am putting together a story titled her field dreams and if it will end.

Right now people will pay to see her, but will enough people vote for her if and when the time comes?

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