Saturday, January 09, 2010

Money Can't Buy you Love: CIA Bomber in Video With Taliban Leader

CIA Bomber in Video With Taliban Leader

(CBS/AP) A Jordanian doctor-turned-suicide bomber and triple agent who killed 7 CIA agents and a Jordanian intelligence agent in Afghanistan on December 30, appeared in a video broadcast by a Pakistani TV station on Saturday, meeting with Pakistan's main Taliban leader, and provoking widespread reaction over his ties with militants on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border.

The video showed Humam Khalil Abu-Mulal al-Balawi, the 32-year-old Jordanian doctor - reportedly a spy recruited by the CIA Jordan's intelligence services and Taliban militants - sitting besides Hakimullah Mehsud, leader of Pakistan's Taliban militants, reports CBS News' Farhan Bokhari.

The privately-owned AAJ TV channel said of al-Balawi that "Jordanian and American intelligence had offered him millions of dollars in exchange for spying on the mujahideen (holy warriors). But he rejected wealth and joined the mujahideen."

The channel said he had "shared all his secrets of Jordan and American intelligence" with his fellow militants.

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