Thursday, January 21, 2010

Palin's Endorsement of McCain: Fool's Gold?

The political fall-out begins....

Sarah Palin, the conservative's sweetheart, will campaign for Sen. John McCain's re-election bid.

Could this be proof that she shares many - if not most - of McCain's political views?

During the 2008 elections, it was a foregone conclusion that Palin wasn't going to argue with her own running mate on several of his questionable, RINO-esque positions. The presidential and vice presidential candidates sharing a ticket shouldn't be sparring, afterall...

Palin is no longer tied to anyone. You'd think she'd leave McCain out in the field... But she's hasn't! And WHY hasn't she?

Doesn't this concern you? Or are you still rooting for Palin 2012?

If she were a REAL conservative looking to support someone out in Arizona, shouldn't she be pushing for J.D. Hayworth to run against McCain?

We know that Palin, for instance, steers away from commenting on her immigration stance. Could it be due to the fact that she supports amnesty? Or that she never did anything about the sanctuary cities in her own state of Alaska?

Don't get us wrong; Sarah Palin's great. She should act as an inspiration to all women.

But for now... Maybe it really is best that she stay out of the political world.

(Sorry, Sarah... Quitting your job as governor wasn't the wisest move...)

There is more....

Thursday, January 21, 2010
Arizona Conservatives To Palin - "Stay Away"

Again today, TheSarahPalinBlog@GMail.Com mailbox was filled with still more emails from Republicans in Arizona who do not want Sarah Palin to come to their state in April and campaign for John McCain prior to the Republican primary.

I do want to say a couple of things. I have always liked and admired John McCain. But there are just so many emails that this sentiment cannot be ignored. Even if you argue that the email campaign is orchestrated by a few Tea Party and other Conservative group, the passion is real.

As for Sarah's decision, John McCain selected Sarah Palin to be his running mate and put her on the national stage. All that has happened for her since, Going Rogue, The Washington Speaker's Bureau, Fox News, is because of that selection. If only for the financial security of her children and grandchildren, Sarah Palin owes a great debt to John McCain. He gave her the shot at the big time. Also, John McCain and Sarah Palin seem to sincerely like each other. Do I believe they walk lock step on every issue? No. But I do believe Sarah Palin is a good loyal friend and NOT campaigning for John McCain would make her look worse.

Like I said to the kids like TommyReports at C4P, you are amatuers and do not have Palin's back...

It will only get worse for Palin if Hayworth enters the race...

Palin has not learned from her mistakes...

Lesson one for Palin, you are loyal to the cause and the voters, not politicians. If you wanted the V.P. spot because you felt you could fight for the cause then so be it.

But loyalty to a politican is wrong.


rogerrabbit said...

Meanwhile, Sarah campaigns for Rick Perry as GHW Bush endorses KB Hutchinson. What is your take on how this will play out in Texas
(I know Perry is polling higher, but...........)

BTW, I think the SCOTUS ruling is bad for citizens - ALL citizens.
FOX News Corp. appoints Sarah Palin POTUS OR
General Electric appoints Obama to second term as POTUS.

Your personal opinion of the ruling itself?

Tom said...

I think Olbermann had wanted to have his cake and eat it too,

It levels the playing field of corporations with corporations like GE/MSNBC who played the legislation to their advantage as do newspaper corporations do when the make their endorsements.