Thursday, January 28, 2010

Reps. pull out of Tea Party convention

Reps. pull out of Tea Party convention

Politico got a statement from Blackburn's office and it cited consultation with the House Committee on Standards: “After consulting with the Committee on Standards, Congressman Blackburn has decided not to participate in the Tea Party Nation Convention next week.” Standards advised Congressman Blackburn not to participate in the event due to uncertainty about how any proceeds from the event may be used. Convention organizers have not been clear about how those funds will be put to use. We have every indication that any profit could be put to work to advance grass roots causes and some of those uses could make the Congressman's participation improper after the fact.”

The Minneapolis Star-Tribune on Bachmann: "Bachmann's office cited the same concerns that other Tea Party activists have voiced about the first-of-its-kind national gathering: namely, the for-profit model of organizer Judson Phillips, a self-described 'small town lawyer' with a history of financial problems."

And Palin is still going over the comments of Bachmann?

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