Sunday, January 17, 2010

Romney being Linked with Brown?

This one will put some people on the edge...

From the start, Brown has been counseled by members of the Shawmut Group, a Boston-based consulting firm that acts as the Romney political brain trust in exile.

Note to the folks at SarahPac this is how you get er done:

As Tuesday’s vote nears, Team Romney’s role in the Brown campaign is tumbling into the open. Talking to The Washington Post, strategist Eric Fehrnstrom trumpeted his campaign’s use of an ad featuring John F. Kennedy, Jr. and called the Coakley camp’s ensuing silence the turning point in the campaign.

“One thing it does say about Mitt is that his folks know how to run a campaign,” Kaufman says.

SarahPac had their chance with Marco Rubio and they blew it... Rubio is charging along and Palin coming this late in the game in the Rubio race will seem like she is co-opting his success.

Sarah Palin keeps listening to the wrong people.

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hrh said...

1. Let me guess: She should be listening to you?

2. And is it not a good thing for candidates, i.e., Rubio, to win this thing and build up his own campaign by himself?

3. As in, it's a great thing for the local communities to raise up local people on their own?

4. Without a national leader like Mitt Romney and his thoroughly a part of the national insider system controlling and pulling their strings?

5. Perhaps Sarah really wants "the people" to do this on their own.

We will be a stronger country when he have fewer "national insiders" insinuating themselves in every local campaign and telling them how to run it.

6. There's a big difference between Sarah's approach of going to campaigns "where the people will have me" and working as a part of the local campaign's apparatus. Doing rallies, etc., but not controlling it.

7. Perhaps everything Sarah Palin does is not motivated by using people to get her the presidency.

8. Perhaps everything Mitt Romney does is.

9. Let me guess: Is Mitt Romney listening to you?