Thursday, February 04, 2010

Iran unfolds its fist to slap us in the face

Iran unfolds its fist to slap us in the face

LAST MONTH, an important deadline passed in nuclear negotiations with Iran, eroding the foundation of the Obama administration’s policy on Iran: that a softer approach might pay off; and, failing that, it would induce tougher action by Russia and China.


Finally, missile defense and human rights policies should be settled on their own merits. US concessions failed to secure help from Moscow and Beijing. Rather, they signaled that the Iranian nuclear issue is a source of leverage over Washington, and is worth sustaining to extract further concessions.

These steps alone may be insufficient to reverse Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons. Given his stated belief that Iranian development of a nuclear weapon is unacceptable, Obama may face further hard choices. But, our present course on Iran will surely fail.

Iran has unclenched its fist to slap us in the face. It is time to wake up.

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