Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is Sherry Whitstine an Alaskan Conservative

or just a conniving, mean spirited woman...

The reason I ask is; because no Alaskan Conservative would use a racial bigot like this individual to bolster their conniving and mean spirited attack on Palin..

The sign on the right was the actual sign and the real tea party in Houston criticized the guy. In response, the guy photoshopped the image which is on the left.

Sherry Whitstine needs to shut up and go away because she isn't an Alaskan Conservative..

She's more in line with the bigoted left who used the same tact.

It is telling when both Whitstine and the loony left bloggers here in Alaska will use a racist for their own agenda and lend credibility to the person when it comes to attacking Palin.

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